Building Momentum: January 2020 Report

Titlepic: Building Momentum: January 2020 Report

This monthly report for January 2020 covers all new developments on, including new and revised blog posts, articles, book reviews, Dear Chris posts, etc.



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January 2020 turned out to be a great month for I managed to publish 13 new blog posts, 2 new book reviews, and 2 new Dear Chris posts. This is substantially more than in December 2019.


When looking back at my posts I wrote in January, I have chosen the following three as my best ones.

At position number 3 is my post about being in the risk zone at work. It’s an article not about physically dangerous jobs, but about emotionally draining jobs. So it is about the idea that if one has the wrong job, or if one is engaged in the wrong line of work in a more general sense, it will be detrimental to one’s positivity, and in the extension, also be detrimental to one’s physical health and well-being.

At position number 2 there is my new post about pre-manifestational positivity. Therein I stress the point that we cannot just be happy when we experience good things in our life. We must also develop the ability to be happy when we are NOT experiencing any good things in our life. That is one of the main exercises for someone who is serious about mastering the Law of Attraction.

At position number 1 we have my favorite post of the month. It’s about the idea that we cannot have an attitude that says “I am counting on others to make me happy”. Instead, we must realize that true happiness in NOT dependent on others, and that we must develop our happiness and positivity on our own. This may, of course, be an unpalatable proposition for many readers, but that is the bottom line. We have to spend more time with ourselves and generate that happiness and positivity by our own inner strength. And THEN we can go out in the world and have fun with people who have a similarly playful mood.


New Blog Posts

I published 13 new blog posts in January:

  1. Labeling the Negativity-Positivity Spectrum (Part 2) – Wed 1 Jan 2020
  2. Labeling the Negativity-Positivity Spectrum (Part 3) – Thu 2 Jan 2020
  3. The Negativity-Positivity Scale: How Many Levels Do We Need? – Fri 10 Jan 2020
  4. How Positive am I, and How Positive are Other People? – Sat 18 Jan 2020
  5. Writing More Positive Book Reviews – Sat 18 Jan 2020
  6. Despair, Anger, Hope: How Emotions May Reveal Our Negativity-Positivity Type – Sun 19 Jan 2020
  7. True Happiness and Satisfaction is Not Dependent on Others – Sun 19 Jan 2020
  8. Self-Esteem and Limiting Beliefs – Mon 20 Jan 2020
  9. Taking the Call: How More Happiness May Be Found With “Cognitive Dissonance” – Wed 22 Jan 2020
  10. The Big Picture: Happiness and Positivity in the Western World – Sat 25 Jan 2020
  11. Pre-Manifestational Positivity: The Only “Hard” Currency in the Universe – Tue 28 Jan 2020
  12. In the “Risk Zone”: Which Jobs are Dangerous In Terms of Exposure to Negativity? – Tue 28 Jan 2020
  13. Making Conversations Better, Part 1: Don’t Tell That Juicy Story! – Wed 29 Jan 2020

Updated/Revised Blog Posts

I have not substantially revised any blog posts in January. Only minor changes have been done, such as fixing spelling errors and/or doing some limited copy-editing.


New Articles

I have not published any new articles during January.

Updated/Revised Articles

No articles have been substantially revised in January. Only minor changes have been done, such as fixing spelling errors or doing some limited copy-editing.


New Book Reviews

I published 2 new book reviews in January.

  1. Religions, Values, and Peak-Performances by Abraham Maslow – Tue 14 Jan 2020
  2. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz – Thu 23 Jan 2020

Updated/Revised Book Reviews

I did not revise any book review during January. However, I am thinking of revising my review of Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz in February or March, if time allows.


New Dear Chris Posts

I published 2 new “Dear Chris” posts in January.

  1. Dear Chris: My Soulmate Left Me for Another Woman – Sun 12 Jan 2020
  2. Dear Chris: Where Is My New Boyfriend? – Sat 25 Jan 2020

Updated/Revised Dear Chris Posts

I did not revise any Dear Chris posts in January.


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There are many changes in terms of the overall organization of the website. The main menu system at the top of the page has now one more item called “Terms”, which takes the user to the Terms of Use page, which then, in turn, also has links to the Privacy Policy page, the About Cookies page, and the Using this Site page. All these pages have also been revised, in terms of their content.

Start Post

Another important organizational change on the website is the “static post” that is “pinned” to the front page. This “start post” is simply an overview of some of the content categories on the site, along with a link (to the Shop page) to buy my (upcoming) books.

The Shop Page

The Shop page will contain a description of all the books, e-books, and audio books that I will have available for sale, with links to the relevant sales channel (Amazon, etc.) where the visitor can purchase them.

Note especially that there is no actual shopping planned on this site. The Shop page only acts as a “pointer” to the external sites that are selling the books.

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