About Chris Bocay

Chris Bocay is dedicated to the process of Positive Self-Realization (PSR). This is, Bocay believes, one of the best processes by which human beings can “perfect” their lives in this day and age, in order to be increasingly satisfied and happy, day after day, week after week, feeling that they are, indeed, fulfilling their true potential.

After having spent many years in various science and philosophy graduate programs, both in Europe and North America, and after having had the valuable experience of working both for governmental institutions and multinational corporations, both as a regular employee and a consultant, Bocay now spends his days summarizing his many experiences and realizations, for the sake of developing a highly practical set of guidelines for aspiring PSR practitioners.

Right now, Bocay is in the midst of writing his first PSR book, which is going to outline some of the most important aspects of his unique take on personal self-realization. For a “preview” of some ideas surrounding his PSR concept, many of the articles and blog posts on this website may serve as an introduction or “background reading”.

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First published: Sat 21 Dec 2019
Last revised: Wed 16 Aug 2023

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