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There are different types of material on this website.


One type of material is “articles”. These are more elaborate, more detailed discussions on a typically more narrow subject matter. These articles allow Chris Bocay to “dive in” in a particular topic area, in order to discover more.

Blog Posts

Another type of material is “blog posts”. These are typically not so strict, in terms of formulations and precision, or in terms of notes and references. The “blog posts” serve as a quick way to “sketch out” certain issues, in order to determine whether or not they have enough merit to be included in the overall PSR philosophy.

One may therefore think of “blog posts” as a general tool to determine whether or not they will be developed into fully fledged “articles” or be developed into book chapters for an upcoming book by Chris Bocay (whether in printed form or as a Kindle or a PDF).

Books and Book Reviews

Since the topic of “books” is a recurring theme, so to speak, here on this Chris Bocay site, it is important to note that the mentioning of books and book titles that are not written by Chris Bocay are never part of any “affiliate link” business arrangements, or any “sponsored products” business deals.

In other words,  this site does not mention other authors or their books simply for monetary gain; such authors and books are mentioned simply because Chris Bocay wanted to speak about them, as good (or bad) examples of a particular subject matter or idea.

Dear Chris

The “Dear Chris” section of this site has posts that are of the “question and answer” type. These questions are either of the “putting-it-into-practice” type (“How can I do this . . .?”), or of the more theoretical type (“Does Chris Bocay believe in Free Will?”, “Is Law of Attraction really there, or is it just a hoax?”).


Here are all the products (books, subscriptions, etc.).

Links to Other Websites

Some links on this site point to pages on external websites. There are mainly two categories of such links.

The first type of link is a link that goes to a direct product or service that Chris Bocay offers, which is openly advertised as such. So an article on this site may very well talk about Chris Bocay’s new book, and provide a direct link to the product page on, say, or some similar shopping site.

The second type of link is a link that does NOT have anything to do with this Chris Bocay site and its products or services or business interests. So an article on this site may have, for instance, a book review with a link to (and maybe also to localized variants, such as or, etc). Such links are never “affiliate links”. Such links are always just provided for the convenience for the reader, and for the “completeness” of the article or post, and not for monetary gain.

No Affiliate Links

There are no “affiliate links” on any page at this site. All links that go to external pages (i.e. not hosted on that are not promoting Chris Bocay’s own products and services, are free from affiliate “monetizing” and “commissions”, etc. All such external links are provided only as a service to the reader, in order to enhance his reading experience.

No Professional Medical Advice

No information on this site is to be considered professional medical advice. All content on this site should be regarded only as “opinion”, simply being “informational” or “philosophical” in nature. For professional medical diagnosis, advice, or treatment, always contact a physician, medical doctor, or other professional health care provider.

The owners, authors, and operators of this site assume no responsibility whatsoever for how this information is used by anyone reading, or otherwise acquiring, the information provided on this site. The reader always, without exception, uses the information on this site at his or her own risk.

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First published: Sat 21 Dec 2019
Last revised: Sat 19 Aug 2023

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