Pre-Manifestation Positivity: The Only Hard Currency in the Universe

Titlepic: Pre-Manifestation Positivity Is the Only Hard Currency in the Universe

It is important to realize that “a wonderful life” does not happen by chance, or by “hard work”. Pre-manifestational positivity is the only way to get there.

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In this post I am going to talk about how pre-manifestation positivity is almost the only thing we need in life, in terms of creating an overall positive attitude.

Although already positive people also can use pre-manifestation positivity as a tool for making their lives better, pre-manifestation positivity is especially important for people having a negative attitude.

Diamonds, Gold, and Silver

In “bad times”, our local currency may be object to unheard of inflation levels, and thus become practically useless for buying and selling goods or services (as opposed to being a mutually agreed-upon instrument with a recognized, stable value, corresponding to the particular number printed on the coin, or bill).

So in “bad times” we have to use other, “harder” currencies, whose values are more solid. And this is why alcohol, gold, silver, and diamonds are used instead. This is simply because they actually are worth something (as opposed to piece of paper acting as dollar bill).

Thus, one might say something like this: “harder” currencies retain their value compared to other things, such as commodities such as grains, coffee, etc. So In bad times, one is sure to be able to use these “harder” currencies to be able to get hold of things such as grains and coffee, etc.

In fact, one might even argue that not only do they retain their value relative to, for example, food and housing, but they may actually increase their value relative to those commodities and services. This would presumably be so, for only a certain percent of the population will actually have alcohol, gold, silver, and diamonds stacked away in case of an emergency.

And even if the commodity does not increase, or even maintain, its value, it still is accepted as a “currency” to be used for various transactions where it can be exchanged for various supplies and necessities. This means that even if one perhaps does not get as much food or necessities as one once calculated, one still can get some amount of food and housing for such “hard currencies”.

Positivity As a Currency

So gold, silver, diamonds, and alcohol are some commonly used “hard currencies” that are used in such troublesome times. But one thing that is not so often talked about in this connection is “positivity”.

Now, of course, positivity in itself is not usually thought of as a “hard” currency, in the sense of having a “bartering” value or “buying” value.  In fact, it is not normally thought of as any type of currency.

Rather, positivity is mostly seen just as “a good thing to have”, in a more casual sense. Perhaps even better, positivity is often viewed as something those (crazy, unrealistic, delusional) “happy” people have. And some may say things such as, “Of course he is positive: he’s got a good job, and a beautiful wife. Who wouldn’t be positive in a situation like that?”

But what most people do not understand is that ending up in a situation like that (with a good job, and a beautiful wife) is a result of a deliberately practiced positive attitude. The good job, and the beautiful wife, were both achieved because of his previous positive attitude, before these things manifested.

So the mistake that most people do, according to the law of attraction, is that they only look at one of the types of positivity that is happening, namely the individual’s post-manifestation positivity.

Thus, when they are evaluating the situation of the man with the good job and a beautiful wife, they think (wrongly) that there is only one kind of positivity, namely the post-manifestation positivity.

And since the post-manifestation positivity is coming after the manifested events, think think (rightly) that that positivity (which is merely the post-manifestation variant) cannot possibly have anything to do with the manifested things themselves, all of which came prior to it.

Thus, they think, positivity as a whole (which, for them, is merely the post-manifestation variant) is not involved in any “causing” of the manifested things that they are happy about. Positivity, for them, is just an effect of good manifestations. In other words, for them, manifestations are not a result of any positivity.

Law of Attraction

The law of attraction, of course, partly agrees. For the post-manifestation positivity is not causal in terms of the situation that has already happened. Put another way, the post-manifestation positivity is not an effect of the previously manifested (happy) situation. So far so good.

However, the law of attraction has a different take on some other things. For the post-manifestation is not just to be seen as an effect of a previously existing event or situation.

Because the manifestations were desirable in the “good job, beautiful wife” example above, they resulted in a positive vibe for the person experiencing them. And that resulting positivity also acts as a pre-manifestation positivity, which paves the way for more positive manifestations (things, events and situations).

This means that people who already are experiencing many good manifestations in their lives are more likely to continue having “good luck” than not having it. So if they are starting with a happy situation they will have an easier time maintaining that, and continue manifesting more happy situations.

Conversely, if they are starting out in a “tough” spot, a troublesome situation, where they are not appreciating the manifestations they receive, they also most likely will be continuing having similar tough situations. Because it is very hard to stay positive (without considerable training) when life is “against you”, and pain and suffering is constantly manifesting.

The Negative Side

As I usually say in my posts, most people are leaning slightly in the negative direction. On my negativity-positivity scale, I classify most people in Western countries as an N1, meaning that they are “weakly negative”.

Because they are on the negative side of the scale, they have to actively take themselves over to the positive side (not just to the weakly positive P1, but to the medium positive P2), before life really can substantially turn around for them. The problem is just that most people don’t recognize (or want to recognize) that they themselves have the power to turn around their own situation.

The thing here to recognize is that these people are living in a “bad times” mindset situation always. And in this “bad times” mindset situation they do not have any “hard” currency to go along with it, in order for them to experience “wonderful times”. No matter how much gold, silver, or diamonds they have, manifested problems are not always easily solved; or if they are solved, new problems also come along.

Pre-Manifestation Positivity As a “Hard” Currency

But such a bad mindset may be corrected, according to the law of attraction. The “fix” is to understand that positivity is the key to suffering and hardship. Positivity is the “medicine” that will help us go from a negative mindset to a positive one.

The problem, though, is that it may be very hard for people in the negative part of the spectrum (i.e. N3, N2, and N1) to appreciate the situations when the universe sends them hardship (which for N3s and N2s may be almost all of time, in the form of “chronic” diseases, perhaps).

This means that, unlike for positive people in the P1 , P2 and P3 categories, post-manifestation positivity is, more or less, ruled out for negative people. So for N3s, N2s, and some N1s, it may be very hard, or impossible, to see what’s positive about the manifesting events and situations, whether it’s a disease, or a divorce, or some financial trouble that they are experiencing.

So the only “hard” currency, for anyone who (for whatever reason) is finding himself currently being in “hardship” (typically an N3, N2, or N1) is the pre-manifestation positivity. It is the pre-manifestation positivity that must be rehearsed, practised, repeated, “habitized” and “behaviorized”.

The pre-manifestation positivity is the positivity that has nothing to do with your current situation. The pre-manifestation positivity, for a person who is negatively inclined, may thus be described as “being positive despite your situation”, or, perhaps, “being positive because of your situation”.

And the “reason” may be expressed as “if you are not positive despite your overall situation, your overall situation cannot change radically”. In other words, a negative person has to “counteract” his manifestations by a positive attitude that is heartfelt.


There are of course many things to be said about the art of pre-manifestation positivity, but I will leave that to another time.

The important thing to remember, though, is that there is, according to the law of attraction, only one way to transform oneself into a really positive person. In other words, there is only one “hard” currency that will gradually improve one’s “manifestations” and one’s overall quality of life. And that “hard” currency is the pre-manifestation positivity.

In other words, those who deliberately take care of their own pre-manifestation positivity are the only people on this planet who really succeed in applying the Law of Attraction to their advantage, in terms of creating a wonderful life for themselves.

Chris Bocay

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First published: Tue 28 Jan 2020
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