You and the Universe: The Absolute Guide

Titlepic: You and the Universe

Who am I? What’s my place in the universe? Whats my purpose? How does birth and death work? Is karma and reincarnation real? Is heaven and hell real? Where do I go after death?

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Who am I? Where do I come from? What happens at the time of death? What should I be doing with my life? What should my attitude toward my physical body be?


As I have already pointed out in my “Positive Self-Realization” article, it is important to complement the techniques of deliberate creation with knowledge about who we are, in a more broad perspective. Only then can we understand the importance of the idea of deliberate creation in relation to the question of why we are here, and what our ultimate purpose is.

I Am an Eternal Being

As many religious traditions have thought throughout the ages, we are, at the very core of our being, a non-physical (spiritual) being. This means, in practical terms, that even if our bodies surely will die, we, as non-physical beings, will continue to exist. [note 1]

According to the authorized version of the Law of Attraction), this information certainly is correct. But on its own it is not conducive to any major “breakthroughs” in individual people’s lives, in terms of attaining more happiness and positivity. For even if our lives were to continue after death in some non-physical environment, why would we live our lives here and now differently because of it?

Note that I am here talking merely about the idea of the eternalness of the soul (or being). I am not talking about ideas such as reincarnation and past-life karma, etc.

So what I am saying is that, just knowing the eternalness of our being will not be sufficient in terms of our happiness project. For what if the idea of “Hell” is correct? How can I lead a happy life if there is even a slight chance that I will end up in hell (as some religions teach), whether of the eternal variety, or not?

I Am an Energy Being

Having accepted the idea that we are eternal beings, what can we make of that?

Well, if we are eternal beings, then it seems clear that we cannot be, in our “essence”, of flesh, bones, and blood. So we must be something else than that. In other words, our basic nature must be non-physical.

But at the same time, our basic non-physical nature must still be compatible with our current flesh, bones, and blood type of body. For otherwise, how could we, as non-physical beings, “merge” with, or “inhabit”, our present physical body?

Therefore, the way to provide such compatibility is to say that we, as eternal beings, must be of pure energy. Why? Because energy and matter are compatible. [notes 2-7]

So just as electricity energy invisibly animates a vacuum cleaner when we press the power button, we (as energy beings) invisibly enter into our physical bodies and animate them. And when the electricity or energy is no longer supplied, both the vacuum cleaner and the physical body are no longer animated.

The idea of “energy beings” is discussed in a session by Abraham-Hicks, where a person with a PhD in physics says that although he knows all the equations related to electricity, he doesn’t really understand what electricity actually is. And Abraham-Hicks responds (2020b):

“until you are willing to accept your vibrational beingness, your energy beingness, then, like this PhD, who does not with all of this knowledge understand electricity, you will not understand the human body either. . .”

And in their book Ask and It Is Given they summarize the true nature of what we are in a simple list (p. 28):

“You are Consciousness.
You are Energy.
You are Vibration.
You are Electricity. . . “

And in a workshop on a Hawaiian cruise, they ask the audience this question (2007):

“Are you convinced that you are the pure positive energy beings that we tell you that you are?”

So the conclusion here, then, is that we are energy beings, and that we are eternal in nature. And even though we may be in a body right now, we continue to live on after death, without a physical body.

And this is possible because we, as energy beings, create the physical body from our own energy. So our physical body is a result of our own intelligent creative energy.

In other words, the physical body does NOT create consciousness or intelligence. Rather, the physical simply allows our own inherent intelligent consciousness to shine through.

I Am a Dynamic Being

I have previously said that we are eternal beings. But that doesn’t mean that we are (or should be) static, always the same.

On the contrary, one of the main principles of the eternal, non-physical dimension is that it is all about change and dynamism. That is what All-That-Is (the totality of all spiritual and physical universes) is all about.

So unlike any religious ideas of the non-physical (spiritual) realm as a static environment (“a timeless God never learns or changes His attitudes or plans”; Leftow 1999, p. 257), the authorized accounts of the Law of Attraction affirm that the non-physical realm is dynamic, not static.

In other words, our own intrinsic nature is that we are made for change. We are expanding beings that are always interested in the new and the exciting. As Abraham-Hicks say in their book The Law of Attraction (p. 81; my square brackets):

“you are here [on Earth] as an expanding, ever-changing, growth-seeking Being because you want to add unto that which you understand. And, you want to add unto All-That-Is.”

However, this “adding to” process here in this Earthly world is always accompanied by “contrast” (temporary setbacks, problems, and obstacles).

Such “contrast” should, however, not be seen as some sort of “flaw” of the universe; rather it should be seen as a necessary component of this environment, in that it helps us to determine exactly what we desire and not desire.

I Am a Loving Being

In our pure state as eternal energy beings, we are tuned to love. It is in our nature to love. That’s who we are.

This is why it feels so terrible when we are experiencing situations here on Earth where we are NOT loving this or that. We may be disliking a certain person or we may be hating a certain mess that we have put ourselves in.

This, however, is just “business as usual”. As I said above, “contrast” is always expected, and we should therefore be ready to handle it in the best possible, so that we as quickly as possible can return to a better, more positive, loving place.

Another aspect of this is the question: Should I focus on loving others or on being loved? The correct attitude for a student of the Law of Attraction should be abandon the idea of “satisfying others”. For you have no possibility of controlling what other people really think of you anyway. So any “people-pleasing” behavior is typically discouraged.

If flowing love to other people is difficult for your, flow love to your pets, or to the frogs, or trees, or the mountains. Or the sun, or the moon, or the plants, or the Andromeda galaxy. The more you flow love and appreciation, the better you feel.


As seen in Part 1 above, we all are eternal energy beings. But in this Earthly environment we are also having a physical body. So how does that work? Why do we need a body at all, if we are eternal beings?

Enabling Our Individual Perspective

Life on Earth means life in a physical body. But why do we come here? Because we are on a mission. And what is that mission? It is a “role-play” adventure, in order to explore a new perspective, from a new vantage point.

So just like an actor who accepts a new role must enter into a new identity and a new environment (time, place, circumstance), we, as eternal energy beings, must enter into a new physical body at the time of birth. That will give us a new point of reference, from which we can try to build the best life possible.

Thus, one purpose with our physical bodies is to ENABLE us to live a life here on Earth as individuals. For our bodies are made in such a way that we can survive: we have lungs so that we can breathe; we have feet so that we can move; we have hands so that we can use tools; and we have senses so that we can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell.

Disabling Our Eternal Perspective

But our physical body is not just an enabling mechanism; it is also a DISABLING mechanism. There are (at least) two types of disabling functionality: “eternity disabling” and “functional disabling”. The former is mandatory, the latter is (more or less) optional.

The term “eternity disabling” refers to idea that we need to HIDE our true nature (as eternal energy beings) in order to NOT “see” the bigger picture of the universe, and the bigger picture of ourselves (see “My Inner Being”). This is necessary because earthly life is about being an individual, living in a certain time, place, and circumstance.

This means that our physical sensory apparatus must be constructed in a way as to LIMIT our view of the eternal nature of All-That-Is. So, for example, our eyes are very limited in their capacity to see things. The range is only 400-700 nanometers. So we cannot see (without special instruments) gamma rays, X rays, ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, radar signals, or FM radio signals (Blake and Sekuler 2005, p. 33; Bruce 2003, p. 4).

Disabling Our Physical Capabilities

In addition to the “eternity disabling” that I described above (which is mandatory and general in nature and thus applies to all humans in a more or less equal quantity and quality, on a “species” level), there is also a “functional disabling” at play. This is a type of disabling that is more personal and depends on each individual’s intentions and practices.

There are two types of “functional disabling” going on. The first type is pre-birth functional disabling. This type of disabling is consciously chosen by ourselves ahead of being born. The purpose is to provide a new, unique set of circumstances that will help the individual to experience things that he or she otherwise would not have experienced. Thus, in Money, and the Law of Attraction Abraham-Hicks say (p. 119):

“People often think that it would be a much better world if all newborn babies could be born meeting all of the standars of a ‘perfect’ physical body, but that is not necessarily the intention of every Being who comes forth into a physical body. There are many Beings who, because the contrast creates an interesting effect that proves valuable in many other ways, deliberately intend to vary from what is ‘normal’. In other words, you just cannot assume that something has gone wrong when babies are born with differences.”

A second type of “functional disabling” happens as a consequence of our inability to keep up with our desires. So instead of practicing unconditional happiness and positivity and other important techniques for mastering the Law of Attraction, people in general create their own future simply by watching what is happening around them.

The typical tendency in human society is that as we get older we increase our complaints about our life and our world. By doing so, we thereby lay the groundwork for serious physical diseases and disabilities.

I Must Love My Body

There is a long tradition in several mainstream religions to view the physical body as something that is undesirable or unspiritual or unclean, etc. Here is Seth’s comment in The Nature of Personal Reality about the attitude of some Christians (p. 23):

“You may feel that the flesh is inherently bad or evil, that its appetites are wrong. Christians may find the body deplorable, thinking that the soul descended into it — ‘descent’ automatically meaning the change from a higher or better condition to one that is worse.”

And Seth continues on that same page to describe also the ideas of some Eastern schools of thought:

“Followers of Eastern religions often feel it their duty, also, to deny the flesh, to rise above it, so to speak, into a state where nothing is desired. . . Using a different vocabulary, they still believe that earth experience is not desirable in itself.”

None of these religious perspectives about the body are conducive to a happy and joyous life. Therefore, such negative thoughts about the body should be rejected.

As I have pointed out before, we are, by nature, beings of love. And when we focus on things in this physical world in such a way that we do NOT feel love, it does not feel good. Therefore, we must stop focusing that way. We must learn the art of deliberate creation, including techniques for attaining pre-manifestational positivity, i.e., to acquire happiness BEFORE we have any particular reason to be happy.

In other words, the philosophy of the authorized version of Law of Attraction is all about HAPPINESS and JOY, not austerity, sacrifice, and other self-denial practices. And it is about the FULFILLMENT of desires, not the rejection, or annulment, of them. Our body is a temple, and it should be treated that way, both physically (no severe fasting; no self-flagellation, etc) and mentally (no self-hate, no self-blame, etc.).

The idea is thus that we need to develop a better, more positive attitude to ourselves and our body. This cannot, however, be done very quickly, but must take time. The first phase of this development is to develop full self-acceptance, after which phase two is to develop more self-love (including love of the physical body).

Better Health in All Ages

Manifesting better health with Law of Attraction may not always be a quick process. For it depends on how fast you can transition from a negative emotional mood (where all serious diseases reside) to a more positive attitude. And that typically may take months and years, not days and weeks.

The good news, however, is that better health is possible with the Law of Attraction. And that is not just the case for young people. Also people in their 60s, 70s, and 80s can take advantage of Law of Attraction to improve their health.

But in order to achieve real results, the student has to be prepared to do substantial inner work (meditation, self-talk, mental exercises, etc.), on a daily basis. This may require, for most people, significant lifestyle changes, with more time alone.


Many people think that there is some higher power in the universe, which they refer to as God or Source, etc. This is a correct intuition on their part, according to Abraham-Hicks (Money, and the Law of Attraction, p. 18):

“We refer to that larger, older, wiser part of you as your Inner Being, but the label that you choose to describe this Eternal part of you is not important. What is extremely significant is that you understand that the larger You does, and will eternally, exist and plays a very large part in the experience that you are living here on planet Earth.”

I Am a Part of God

Therefore, unlike most people’s conception of God, your Inner Being is not some independent being. Rather, it is an absolutely huge group of eternal energy beings, just like yourself. So you, as an eternal energy being, is very much a part of your Inner Being, even now in your physical state, although you may not realize it, or feel it, at this very moment.

So you are eternally a part of God. And even though your Inner Being indeed exists in the spiritual world right now, it is also here in the physical world with you at the same time, every second of every day.

This is possible only because the physical world is actually just a disguised portion of the spiritual sky (cf. the term “camouflage”; Seth Speaks, pp. 54-55). Therefore, your Inner Being has full access to communicate with you, and guide you, and inspire you, and assist you, in a myriad of ways.

How to Hear My Inner Being

Note, though, that this communication system is set up in such a way that your reception of the signals coming from your Inner Being is dependent on your emotional state of affairs. So if you are feeling very, very good (i.e., your batteries are fully charged), then the reception is perfect, giving you flow and ease and clarity.

However, if you are, for any reason, feeling bad and emotionally drained (i.e., have no more power in your batteries), then the reception of the signal will be virtually nonexisting. This naturally results in that you cannot hear all the ideas and thoughts and suggestions and inspirations that your Inner Being continually is flowing to you.

Therefore, in order to really maximize the pleasure of experiencing all those manifestations that you have been dreaming about, while at the same time living the happiest life possible, it is absolutely necessary to continuously connect with your Inner Being (Money, and the Law of Attraction, p. 20):

“As you tune yourself to the perspective of your Inner Being, your days will be filled with wonderful moments of clarity, satisfaction, and love. And that is truly the way you intended to live while here in this wonderful place, this wonderful time, and this wonderful body.”

In other words, real success always involves your Inner Being.


Many people are in search for “the purpose of life”. Others have already found some meaning, but they may not always be happy.

So how should a student of Law of Attraction think about meaning and purpose? Is meaning without joy worth it?

Morality and Ethics

According to the authorized version of Law of Attraction, morality and ethics (including ideas such as “sin” and “evil”) are irrelevant in terms of our future reincarnations. We do not get a better life next time just because we are conforming to some moral or ethical standards. The Universe does not work like that.

There are no moral or ethical evaluations performed by God (Source, Inner Being) either during our lives, or after death. This is because life is not primarily ABOUT ethics or morality.

However, even if morality and ethics does not determine the quality of our future reincarnations, it can play a role in our lives on Earth, here and now. For if you BELIEVE that morality and ethics are important (whether of the religious or societal variety), then you will not feel good if you are not conforming to those standards.

And if you are not feeling good, then you will stay on a lower vibration (N3 “strongly negative”; N2 “medium negative”; and N1 “weakly negative”), and therefore attract negative things into your life, by the grace of Law of Attraction.

Therefore, it is very important to realize that one cannot really do real Law of Attraction work and at the same time subscribe to moral standards set by various priests or governments or any others. Chastity, austerity, sacrifice, solidarity, and other such concepts must go.

Note, though, that even if Law of Attraction work mainly is individual and independent in nature, it should not have any REBELLIOUS flavor attached to it.

Students of the Law of Attraction are not protesters in the ordinary sense, so they are not complaining about civil rights, etc. Rather, they are simply deciding NOT to participate in the propagation of ethical standards and practices, and instead spend their lives focusing on other thoughts and activities that make them feel happy and wonderful.

The Triad of Intentions

One important factor in terms of understanding the purpose and meaning of life is to realize that we all had intentions already before entering into this physical space-time reality. And Abraham-Hicks describe it this way (Money, and the Law of Attraction, p. 153):

“The day you were born, you possessed knowledge (not hope or desire, but deep understanding) that your basis is absolute freedom, that your quest is joy, and that the result of your life experience would be growth; and you knew that you are perfect and still reaching out for even more perfection.”

The three ideas are therefore these. First, we all have absolute freedom (i.e. we can think and feel precisely what we want). Since we are eternal energy beings, our main focus is always on thinking and feeling, wherever we are in the cosmos. It is thought and emotion that we are here to perfect, not physical action. But we ARE interested in physical manifestations, of course. For they are indicators of our excellent mental and emotional focusing skills.

Second, our quest is joy. Happiness is a non-negotiable thing for any eternal energy being. For if there is no continuous happiness or joy, suffering must take its place. And that is unacceptable. Therefore, happiness must always be prioritized before most other things (especially things like being recognized by others).

Third, our journey involves growth and expansion. This is not primarily referring to a physical expansion (although getting a bigger house, or getting a better job certainly may happen), but a spiritual one. It is about reaching out for new desires, and expanding the “thought matrix” (or Vortex, as Abraham-Hicks call it) of the non-physical (spiritual) universes.

Other important intentions that we were born with can be seen in the 6 innate attitudes for promoting health that Seth presents.

There is Nothing Serious Going On

At this stage, someone may object and say (perhaps in a tone reminiscent of the one Richie once used when Seth said: “And whenever you are doing something yourselves that is not fun — stop it!!”; Watkins 1981, p. 508):

“Surely, our lives cannot be just about staying happy, and having fun, day and night? There must be some greater MEANING, right?”

As Abraham-Hicks say over and over again: there is nothing serious going on here on this planet. There is no need to work hard, or prove one’s worthiness, or save the planet, or help the poor, or do any other thing that humans in general think is “important” or “humanitarian”. Why?

Because the many spiritual expansions that we are triggering by our activities here on Earth are automatically generated by the fabulous setup of All-That-Is. So it doesn’t matter, from a growth perspective, what actions we perform on Earth: whether ethically respectable or morally despicable, they all will result in a perfect spiritual growth that will benefit all energy beings in all universes.

But since our freedom is absolute (in terms of desires, thoughts, beliefs, and emotion) we can, of course, decide to CARE about morality if we want. And there is nothing wrong with that, in any absolute sense. The downside is, however, that unlike the students of Law of Attraction (who are prioritizing happiness over morals), it will be very difficult to stay happy.

Learning How to Use Energy

So what is that greater meaning?

Well, the greater meaning is found in several places. First of all, in the triad of intentions, as presented above. For using our innate absolute freedom, our goal is to contribute to the universe (by way of expanding the Vortex with our new desires), while maintaining a high level of excitement and happiness along the way.

As Abraham-Hicks points out in many of their books, the main task here on Earth is to focus on our Emotional Journey, so that we are not using too much action to “accomplish things”.

In other words, our “mission” here on Earth is to learn how to control our thoughts and emotions, so that we can stay happy and satisfied as much of the time as possible. Expressed in another way, our main work here is about mastering our focusing skills, in terms of our thought-energy and emotion-energy.

This is also linked to why we are specifically here on Earth. For here on Earth there is a special “buffer time” (see the 17-second rule) before the Law of Attraction sets in. So it is perfect for us humans who haven’t perfected our skills yet, since we have some “reaction time” to change our thoughts to better ones, if they feel bad.

Only when we have really understood the true scope of the idea that “we create our own reality” with our thoughts and emotions will our reincarnation cycle be considered complete (The Seth Material, p. 144):

“When you leave this dimension, then you concentrate upon the knowledge you have gained. If you still do not realize that you create your own reality, then you return, and again you learn to manipulate, and again and again you see the results of your own inner reality as you meet it objectified. You teach yourself the lesson until you have learned it; then you begin to learn how to handle the consciousness that is yours, intelligently and well.”

Thus, it seems that our physical space-time reality here on Earth is an environment that is mainly being used by us to learn the basic skill of creating our own subjective reality around us. Once we understand what reality truly is, and get experienced in terms of how we can manipulate it, we can “graduate” from Earth University and then go to other dimensions and existences for other exciting adventures.

So What Should I Be Doing with My Life?

The recipe is simple, the application is not: Just stay happy, and everything will go your way.

Staying happy in a world in turmoil is not very easy. But the general principle is to ignore those things that one does not like, while turning one’s attention to those things that one DOES like.

The most common obstacle to such a happy journey is the opinion of others. So one must learn how to stop caring about what other people think, and instead focus on one’s own happiness and joy.

This means, in real life, that one must be prepared to spend (much) more time alone, every day, to deliberately create one’s own happiness (by engaging in various mental activities), so that one not only can SURVIVE in this stressful modern society, but THRIVE.


Many people, especially in religious circles, are concerned about ideas such as “eternal punishment in hell” and “karma from past lives”. Should we, as students of Law of Attraction, be worried about such ideas?


One very important point to understand is that the authorized accounts of the Law of Attraction repeatedly assure us that there is no “eternal hell” after death for any of us. There is not even a “shorter time in hell” for any of us.

In other words, “hell” as an after-death destination is a bogus idea. No-one ends up in any type of “hell” after death, regardless of how “sinful” they have been in their earthy life.

Our task here on Earth is not “to prove our moral worthiness” or “to show our willingness to work hard” or “to control our behavior” or “to please others” or anything like that.

Our job is simply to create new desires, and to try to manifest them (by maintaining our happiness, joy, and enthusiasm in the process). So just by accepting to be born on Earth, and living a life here, is a very glorious act. This is celebrated all over the Universe.


Thus, after death, all of us safely return back to Source-Heaven, where we reunite with our Inner Being (God, Source). There are no exceptions to this rule.

However, the transition process is not equally quick for all people, since faulty beliefs about the afterworld must be processed and corrected.

It is also important to note that Source-Heaven, as I call it, is not
identical to the common conception of heaven. Thus, Abraham-Hicks comments (2020a):

“What you think of as heaven is real, minus the judgmental God. And what you think [of] as hell does not exist, other than on Earth, as a state of being, which is how you feel when you disallow your alignment with the whole of you.”

So there is no judgmental God in Source-Heaven, or anywhere else. God (Source, Inner Being) is a loving being.

Another difference between the common conception of heaven and the real Source-Heaven is the following situation. Because of their beliefs, some religious people may temporarily end up in a heaven-like environment after death . . . (Seth Speaks, p. 159; my square brackets):

“. . . until they learn through their own [spiritual] experience that [spiritual] existence demands development, and that such a heaven would be sterile, boring, and indeed ‘deadly’.”

Therefore, the authentic Source-Heaven is not a static, sterile, non-changing environment, but a dynamic, expanding world of intelligent, cooperative, and loving energy beings.

Bad Karma from Past Lives

The authentic Law of Attraction philosophy, as presented by Abraham-Hicks, clearly states that there is no bad karma from past lives to experience. And Seth says the same thing (The Nature of Personal Reality, p. 153):

“But in the terms used there is no karma to be paid off as punishment unless you believe that there are crimes for which you must pay.”

There are two reasons why this is so. The first reason is that the Universe does not care about morality or ethics as such. You do not get any spiritual brownie points just because you perform some “good” or “pias” actions. Therefore, so-called “good deeds” have no impact on the quality of future lives.

The second reason is that the Universe does not care about your actions, or even your words. So whatever you say and whatever you do is of little concern, in terms of possible “rewards” or “punishments” from the Universe.

However, because “bad” deeds and “bad” words often are accompanied by negative thoughts and feelings, that is another matter altogether. For All-That-Is, including the Law of Attraction, is arranged around thoughts and emotion. So if we offer negative thoughts and feelings, Law of Attraction will boomerang back to us similarly negative vibrations.

This, however, will only go on during each mortal lifetime. After death, we all return to Source-Heaven, and in that process leave all negative thoughts, beliefs, and feelings behind. Consequently, there is no “bad karma” to be had from previous lifetimes.


Although the authentic versions of the Law of Attraction clearly reject the idea of karma (as it is typically presented in various Eastern religions and schools of thought), they definitely accept the idea of reincarnation (metempsychosis, samsara, transmigration, etc.) as a valid concept.

However, the topic of reincarnation is not entirely easy to grasp. For one must, first of all, understand that there are reasons why we typically don’t remember our many past reincarnational lives. And then one must also get to know ideas such as “simultaneous reincarnations” and our “multidimensional personality”.

Another dimension of the complexity of transmigration includes the many TYPES of reincarnation possible. In addition, the GOALS of reincarnation also vary greatly (Seth Speaks, p. 183):

“I want to stress that reincarnation is a tool used by personalities. They each use it in their own way. Some enjoy female existences, or have greater fondness for male lives. While both must be encountered, there is a great range of choice and activity. Some personalities will have difficulties along certain lines, and develop with relative ease in other ways.”

The reason that we are reincarnating is because reincarnation is one of the “soul development” methods available to us, as eternal energy beings. Having once started a reincarnation cycle, though, it must be completed (cf. Seth Speaks 1994, p. 148).


What is going on before birth? What happens with me after I die?


As described above (see “The Triad of Intentions”), you had certain intentions before you decided to come here. And you also knew, as Abraham-Hicks reminds us, that (Ask and It Is Given, p. 71):

“As you made the decision to come into this body, you knew that you were a creator and that the Earth environment would inspire your specific creation. You also knew that whenever you asked, it would be given. And you were thrilled at the prospect of being inspired to attain your own specific desires, understanding that Source would flow through you to achieve the completion of those desires.”

So we see here that the topic is “creation”. The meaning and purpose of earthly life has to do with desires, thoughts, and “creation” (i.e., manifestation). And Source (God, Inner Being) is constantly assisting us all the time throughout this process, by keeping the flow of creative, inspirational energy going.

As for the process of entering into the womb, there are many possibilities, in terms of timing. The first thing to point out here is that the fetus has a self-managing consciousness (Seth Speaks, p. 194):

“The fetus . . . has its own consciousness, the simple component consciousness made up of the atoms that compose it. This exists before any reincarnating personality enters it. The consciousness of matter is present in any matter — a fetus, a rock, a blade of grass, a nail.”

Because the fetus has a basic consciousness independently of the personality who is about to enter into it, there are no hard and fast rules about when the merging with the fetus is going to happen. It all depends on the individual’s own intentions and desires (p. 194):

“[T]here is no rule, then, saying that the reincarnating personality must take over the new form prepared for it either at the point of conception, in the very earliest months of the fetus’s growth, or even at the point of birth.”

This means that some individuals enter very early and others very late. In all cases, though, whenever they decide to enter, they have been fully aware of the conception process when it happened. And they know already who their parents are.


Because we all return back to Source-Heaven after we die, there is no good reason to worry about death as “time for punishment”, whether of the eternal variety or not. There is no such punishment to expect for any of us.

On the contrary, the Universe will assist our homecoming so that it will be as smooth and nice as possible. This is done with the help of “stewards” or “guides”, who are assisting us along the way.

But even if death is a much “cleaner” transition between the physical and non-physical environments than birth is, there are still some “transition issues” to deal with. These “transition issues” are basically proportional to the particular behavior, habits, beliefs, and emotions of each person (Seth Speaks, pp. 123-124):

“At this point many variations in behavior emerge, each the result of individual background, knowledge, and habit. The surroundings in which the dead find themselves will often vary. Vivid hallucinations may form experience quite as real as any in mortal life. Now, I have told you that thoughts and emotions form physical reality, and they form after-death experience. This does not mean that the experiences are not valid, any more than it means that physical life is not valid.”

So even though we are dead, we still typically are conscious of a world around us, which we offer thoughts about. So being dead is not usually a synonym for “I don’t see a world around me” or “I don’t have any thoughts”, etc. However, there are some exceptions (Seth Speaks, p. 123):

“Again, as mentioned earlier, an individual can be so certain that death is the end of all, that oblivion, though temporary, results.”

Another situation, related to people who do not know the power of Law of Attraction, and especially its focus on the CREATION aspect of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions (i.e., “you create your own reality”) is this (Seth Speaks, p. 123):

“Such an individual may find himself in ten different environments within the flicker of an eyelash, for example, with no idea of the reason behind the situation. He will see no continuity at all, and feel himself flung without rhyme or reason from one experience to another, never realizing that his own thoughts are propelling him quite literally.”

So in order to help us deal with all these transition issues, Seth assures us that there will always be guides helping us out. This is done in an indirect way, so that those guides “helpfully [will] become a part of your hallucinations, in order to help you out of them” (Seth Speaks 1994, pp. 124-125).


How can the whole idea of “manifestation” work in an objective world with solid objects? Isn’t “Law of Attraction” and its worldview just a bunch of nonsense ideas, presented by greedy con artists trying to sell their manifestation books, courses, and audio recordings?

The Physical World As Illusion

There is no doubt that the field of “law of attraction” has attracted many people who wish to make money by promoting various “manifest this quick” schemes. So it is, of course, absolutely fundamental to quickly identify the AUTHORIZED version of Law of Attraction, as presented by Seth and Abraham-Hicks.

And when one has meticulously studied these works, one will find that the idea of “manifesting” is a correct representation of what is actually happening in our world. There is no doubt about it.

However, to really understand the scope of all of this, one has to adjust one’s preconceived notions about what the physical world really is. And that will not be an easy thing for most people, since the common-sense intuition about who we are, and what we normally think life in this world is about, is basically just a very advanced illusion.

Thus, the concept of the physical world as “Maya” (“[magic] illusion” or “that which is not”) in Indian philosophy is basically correct, when compared to the teachings of the authoritative version of the Law of Attraction (cf. Bhagavad-gita 7.14; Prabhupada 1983, pp. 382-383; Gambhirananda 2003, pp. 326-327).

Seth often talks about the illusion of the objects seen in the physical world using terms such as “camouflage” and “camouflage patterns”. And he also says (Seth Speaks, pp. 127 and 135):

“Remember that in one way, your physical existence is the result of mass hallucination. . . Dreams are no more hallucinatory than your physical life is.”

In other words, Seth confirms the illusory nature of our “physical reality” and also verifies that our dreams are no less real than our daily environment is.

There Are No Solid Objects

Contrary to many people’s ideas about our everyday world, the world is not a place of impenetrable, rock-solid objects.

This point may be intuitively understood by contemplating the ENORMOUS amount of “empty” space within each atom, as Ernest Rutherford demonstrated in 1911 (Sellin 2004, p. 211b):

“nearly all the mass and all of the positive electric charge of the atom are concentrated in a small nuclear core approximately 10,000 times smaller in extent than an atomic diameter.”

This demonstration in classical physics (as opposed to a more modern quantum physics approach) showed that the overwhelming amount of mass of the atoms is concentrated in an extremely dense core.

The diameter of that dense core is just one ten-thousandth of the diameter of the whole atom (i.e., when including the electrons). And since the electrons have negligible mass, there is basically no mass found in 99.999% of each atom. Thus, from a “solidity” perspective, all atoms are more or less “hollow”.

And this fits with the worldview that Abraham-Hicks presents to us (Caribbean Cruise 2015; my square brackets):

“You have a misunderstanding of what this planet is. You think it is this knock-on-wood reality that is perceived by everyone and everything in the universe. And that is not true. You [simply] are on the frequency that allows you to perceive it.”

Thus, the so-called physical reality we experience is NOT a knock-on-wood reality. And it cannot be seen by everyone. It can only be seen by those who can “tune in” to those frequencies and translate those signals to something that they are seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling.

There Is No Space or Time

Although people in general certainly are convinced that they are living in a world with a three-dimensional “space” feature, Seth assures us that space as such is actually not present in this (or any) world (Seth Speaks, p. 63):

“The peculiar, particular aspects of your physical world are dependent upon your existence and focus within it. The physical universe does not contain physical objects of solidity, width and depth, for example, to those whose existence is not within it.”

In a similar way, Seth confirms that time is also not an “absolutely real” thing, other than as perceived with our subjective physical senses (Early Sessions Book 1, p. 142):

“Time and space, dear friends, are both camouflage patterns. Therefore, the fact that the inner senses can conquer time and space is not, after all, so surprising. To the mind with its subconscious, and to the inner senses, there is no time and space; and therefore, to them, nothing is conquered. The camouflage is simply not present.”

The idea is thus that time and space are illusions or cloaking devices (“camouflage patterns”) that the physical brain and the physical senses are involved in generating and processing.

However, to our non-physical mind and to our non-physical inner senses (both of which have not yet been discovered by our scientists), there is no space and no time.

In other words, space and time here in this physical world are a phenomenological construction of appearances only, as opposed to a “knock-on-wood” solid and objectively real thing.

There Is No Objective Reality

Science is built on the assumption that there is an “absolute”, objective reality that is observable to all people with a normal sense apparatus to perceive it. The problem, though, both for science as a discipline and for the scientists themselves, is that there is no such objective reality.

Of course, there is an objective “vibration” reality behind it all (see “There Is Only Vibration” below). But the everyday world, as each person perceives it, is a subjective experience, not an objective one. Thus, Seth says (Early Sessions Book 2, p. 209):

“I have said that if five people seemed to view this glass, then what you would have in actuality would be five individual physical glasses. As you and Ruburt and Mark view this glass, each of you see a different glass. Neither of you can see the glass that the others see.”

So, practically speaking, then, each person sees a UNIQUE, subjective world (Seth Speaks, p. 127):

“Vast gulfs exist between one man’s reality and another’s.”

The exact processes that are involved when each of us (literally) create our own reality around us are, of course, complex and difficult to describe.

However, the conclusion is quite simple. Although each person creates his or her own reality in a different way, there are enough similarities in between each personally created world that we can participate in shared human activities and discuss what is happening in the world.

Furthermore, this may explain why people remember events so differently, whether in casual discussions or in formal hearings involving witness testimony. “Bad memory” may not be the only reason. For no-one sees the exact same thing in the first place.

There Is Only Vibration

Here are the four fundamental propositions about vibration that Abraham-Hicks present in their Money, and the Law of Attraction (p. 11):

“The Non-Physical world is vibration.
The physical world that you know is vibration.
There is nothing that exists outside of this vibrational nature.
There is nothing that is not managed by the Law of Attraction.”

We are energy beings, and as such we are “compatible” with vibration. And we know intuitively how to translate vibration into “physical” experiences (p. 11):

“We want you to understand that whenever you ‘hear’ something, you are interpreting vibration into the sound you are hearing. What you hear is your interpretation of vibration; what you hear is your unique interpretation of vibration.”

This statement by Abraham-Hicks then also confirms the point made above, that there is no truly objective physical reality in any ordinary sense. All beings make their UNIQUE, subjective interpretations of what they perceive the physical world to be, as they receive the vibrations.

You Create Your Own Reality

So if everything is just vibration and a matter of “interpretation” or “translation”, where does the concept “you create your own reality” come in? Are we just some glorified cell phones who automatically (or “mechanically”) are translating incoming cell tower signals to audible sounds and voices? Or is there some CREATIVE aspect to it as well?

First, let us learn more about Seth’s view of object creation (Early Sessions Book 2, pp. 250-251; my square brackets):

“Objects exist, and yet objects in another sense do not exist. I have told you, for example, how you and others construct say, a television set, a chair, an image or a table. Using energy, you manipulate existing atoms and molecules into a certain pattern which you then, and others like you, recognize as one particular object. The object then does, in this sense, exist. The fact is, however, that it exists as a particular object [only] because of your intimate construction of it into a particular pattern, and because of the recognition you give it.”

The idea here is thus that we are creating the objects of our everyday world by manipulating atoms and molecules (presumably unconsciously or subconsciously). And it is only because of our own manipulations, and our subsequent CONSCIOUS attention to them, that the objects of this world are visible (or touchable, or smellable, etc.).

Seth continues (p. 251; my emphasis):

“The space between this couch and table is as filled with molecular structure as either the space taken up by the couch, or the space taken up by the table. The matter contained within the space taken up by the distance between them, is all the same. You simply have not constructed of the atoms and molecules any pattern which you call an object, and which you recognize.”

In other words, the reason we perceive “an emptiness” or “a volume of nothingness” between the couch and the table is only because we have not assigned any object(s) to it. The assumption here then is that we COULD have constructed (in a “mental” or “psychic” way) any object in between the couch and the table, if we were so inclined.

Another piece of the puzzle is that it is not just about our own thoughts, beliefs, and expectations that are involved (p. 251):

“You give constructions their appearance of continuity by continually creating them in line with your expectations, based upon among other things, previous constructions in the apparent past; and these expectations are the result of psychic communication between yourselves and others, particularly from parents, who give the child his first conceptions of the environment which, indeed, his parents have created.”

Thus, a very important part of the equation of deliberate creation is that we have to learn to manage our expectations. This, however, may not always be easy.

For not only do we have people’s SPOKEN expectations to deal with (which may be contrary to our own); we also have their expectations communicated by way of telepathy.

Nevertheless, we know from statements by Abraham-Hicks that we should not worry about things that are happening on an unconscious level (such as telepathic signals). For our total vibration is only composed of the active, CONSCIOUS thoughts, beliefs, and expectations we have.

So by learning to steer our own thoughts, beliefs, and emotions in the direction that we ourselves want (i.e., regardless of what other people think or want), we can create a better and happier world for ourselves.


  1. “It is natural to live after death, and natural to return the body to earth and [then to] form another. It is natural for your thoughts to be as quick, responsive, and alive as viruses. It is natural for you to have probable selves as well as reincarnational existences.” (Seth, The Nature of Personal Reality, p. 122; square brackets in the original text)
  2. “You are far more Vibration and Energy than you are the physical Being that you recognize as you. And it is only when you understand yourself as a Vibrational Being that you will be able to acknowledge the Vibrational Energy continuum that is really you.” (Abraham-Hicks, The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, p. 15)
  3. “You are not inferior Beings in need of enlightenment. You are not insignificant particles in a vast, unending Universe. You are not misguided or forgotten children trying to find your way home … You are powerful Leading-Edge creators riding the most significant wave of expansion that has ever occurred. And it is our desire that you return to your conscious awareness of this so that your time in this physical body can be one of deliberate, conscious joy!” (Abraham-Hicks, The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, p. 3)
  4. “This identity is your physical self through which now, in your terms, all expression must come. You are more than your temporal being alone. Your life as a creature is dependent upon your alliance with flesh. You will exist when your body is dead, but practically speaking, you will always be working through an image of yourself.” (Seth, The Nature of Personal Reality, p. 177)


Here in Part 9 I am presenting various resources, so that you can learn more about your role and position in the universe. One important type of resource are the books by the authorized authors on Law of Attraction. Another type of resource are my own articles on this website.

Best Books on You and the Universe

Since “You and the Universe” is such an extraordinarily broad topic, it is not very easy to narrow down the number of books.

This is exacerbated by the fact that the authorized writers of Law of Attraction do not write their books as “topic-focused” or “subject-focused” college textbooks. Instead they are intertwining a multitude of aspects (physics, chemistry, deliberate creation, psychology, evolution, history, law of attraction, sociology, philosophy, subjective experiences, etc.) in their discussions.

Thus, it is seldom that we will find an exhaustive collection of statements on a particular topic in just one passage, or in just one chapter, or in just one book. It may require reading a dozen books (or more) to get a comprehensive understanding of any particular topic.

Having said that, I would recommend two Seth books to beginning students: Seth Speaks (1994) and The Seth Material (2010).

As for Abraham-Hicks, I would go with these two books: Ask and It Is Given (2004) and Money, and the Law of Attraction (2008).

Articles on You and the Universe

  1. Reincarnation in the Bible: Fact or Fiction?
  2. Law of Attraction: Is It Real?
  3. Law of Attraction in Action: Google and the ‘No-Means-Yes’ Principle
  4. Religion and the Law of Attraction: The Ultimate Guide
  5. Desires, Beliefs, and Vibrational Relativity
  6. Science and the Law of Attraction: The Definitive Guide


Contrary to popular belief, we do not have any moral or ethical obligations here in this world. There is no reward from the Universe, or from God (Source, Inner Being), if we are working hard, compared to if we are working very little, or not at all. Planet Earth is not about proving our worthiness. We are already worthy, just by being here.

Although our job here certainly is about physical manifestations, it is not about hard physical labor, or about ACTION.

Rather, our “mission” here, as eternal energy beings, is to learn to control our mind and thoughts and emotions, so that we EASILY can manifest everything we want to manifest, WITHOUT so much action.

Earth is a playground for “beginning consciousness”, i.e. “spiritual children”. Here we humans are learning, by immersion, how to control our mental and emotional energy, while simultaneously maintaining our happiness and joy in the process.


  1. A typical representation of the Indian concept of the eternalness of the soul can be seen in Bhagavad-gita verse 2.20: “It is never born nor does it die; Nor once that it is will it ever not be; Unborn, unending, eternal, and ancient; It is not killed when the body is killed” (van Buiten 1981, pp. 74-75). Other translators use English words such as “ever-lasting and primeval” (Prabhupada 1983, p. 101) or “birthless” and “undecaying” (Gambhirananda 2003, p. 60) to translate the Sanskrit in that verse.
  2. In special relativity theory, mass is a type of energy: “the energy equivalent of an object of mass m being given by Albert Einstein’s famous equation E = mc2, where c is the speed of light (Moore 1996, pp. 936b-937a).
  3. The “mass-energy equivalence” idea in physics can be described as follows: “It is possible to destroy some constituent mass of a system and convert it to corresponding constituent kinetic energy, e.g., in a nuclear reactor or ‘atomic’ bomb. It is also possible to do the converse: to create actual constituent mass (constituent matter) by converting constituent (kinetic) energy to mass. Such created matter will have all usual material properties (beginning alchemy)” (Kacser 1991, p. 1057a).
  4. The “mass-energy equivalence” idea and its application in relation to a nuclear reactor is elaborated by Kurt Vandervoort: “the nucleus of the uranium atom is split into fragments. The sum of the masses of the fragments is always less than the original uranium nucleus. What happened to this original mass? This mass has been converted into thermal energy” (2004, p. 1021b).
  5. Note, though, the apparently contradictory statement by Michael Chapple in relation to the “mass-energy equivalence” concept: “There is no such thing as mass-energy conversion” (1999, p. 140).
  6. The objection can be made that “energy”, just as “matter”, is a property of the Earthly realm, and that it is thus not spiritual, or non-physical, in nature, but physical. My reply is that energy and electricity (understood in terms of atoms and particles) are simply the physical versions of original, non-physical, pure energy. This is consistent with the teachings presented in the authorized accounts of the Law of Attraction (Seth and Abraham-Hicks).
  7. The concept of “pure energy” is discussed in Seth’s book The Nature of the Psyche. He points out that the “pure energy” concept is very hard to explain, since it is non-physical in nature. So immediately after saying that “the psyche is a manifestation of pure energy in a particular form” he notes that “[t]hat vocabulary automatically structures the information, of course”, and that it therefore more or less destroys the possibility of explaining the original phenomenon. He then adds: “To understand that, you must realize that pure energy has such transforming pattern-forming propensities that it always appears as its [physical] manifestations.” (1996, p. 142; my square brackets). Hence, Seth’s talk about the concept of “camouflage” immediately after this passage, as well as in many other passages in his other books.


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