How to Manifest Better Health with Law of Attraction

Titlepic: Manifest Better Health with Law of Attraction

Is it really possible to improve your health and well-being with the Law of Attraction? If so, what should you do, and not do, to achieve such increased wellness?

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We all have a choice: we can create better health for ourselves, in any circumstance, in any age. There is no physical condition that cannot be improved upon. But we need to understand the process, and then “go with the flow”.

First we must get to know the principles and processes of the Law of Attraction in a general sense (i.e. not in regard to health matters specifically). And then we need to learn specific techniques and processes that are effective in regard to improved health.

Here in this article, then, are some things to consider if you want to improve your health and well-being, and at the same time also pave the way for more ease and joy and happiness.

SPECIAL NOTE: Do not expect to get better health just by reading this article. You have to become a dedicated practitioner of the Law of Attraction, and integrate the knowledge into your daily life, so that you can verify for yourself that the Law of Attraction is real, and that it practically works, also for you. Best of luck!


Part 1 is about the basic questions: Is Law of Attraction a real universal principle? Can I use the Law of Attraction to heal myself, or to improve my health and my body shape? If so, how do I manage to steer my thoughts and emotions so that I can get the improvements that I desire and dream of?

Does Law of Attraction Work?

Is Law of Attraction really a law, in the same sense that the law of gravitation is a law? Or is Law of Attraction just some metaphysical pseudoscience?

First of all, there is no doubt about it: the Law of Attraction is real. By learning to steer your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions into more and more positive territory, you can become healthier and happier than where you are currently at.

Law of Attraction is a law in the same sense as gravitation is: When you jump off a cliff on planet Earth, you’ll never fall upward; you will always fall downward.

Similarly, Law of Attraction works in the same consistent way: if the balance of your thoughts and emotions is very positive, you will typically not attract anything very negative; you will typically mostly attract things that also are very positive.

Conversely, if the balance of your thoughts and emotions is very negative, you will typically not attract anything very positive; you will typically mostly attract things that also are very negative.

Note, though, that Law of Attraction is a more universal law than gravitation is. Sure, both laws are always in play when we are on planet Earth. But if we were to leave Earth and go to space (as the astronauts at the International Space Station have done), gravitation more or less stops working.

But Law of Attraction does not stop working in space. So for those ISS astronauts, like for all living beings in the rest of the physical universe (if there are any), the Law of Attraction keeps working: it’s business as usual, everywhere, in all corners of the universe.


If we ask the general question “Is Better Health Possible?” (without mentioning anything about the Law of Attraction), most middle-age people (who may already be suffering from various so-called “chronic” physical conditions) would say “No”. For they typically have experienced their own conditions, or someone else’s conditions, during many years, although they may have consulted various medical professionals.

So whether such people are experiencing allergies, diabetes, obesity, severe headaches, or other conditions, the story is usually the same: they don’t believe that better health is possible, even with the assistance of physicians and the medical community.

And not only do they not believe that better health is possible, they also do not believe that maintained health is possible. This is confirmed by Seth (The Way Toward Health, p. 20):

“One of the greatest detriments to mental and physical well-being is the unfortunate belief that any unfavorable situation is bound to get worse instead of better. . . . The ideas I have just mentioned are all prominent in your society, and now and then they return to darken your senses of joy and expectation.”

In other words, it is very common that people think that once an illness has manifested, then the illness will become worse and worse (“Once diabetes, always diabetes”) . In such a scenario there is no way to really recover, which, of course, makes it a self-fulfilling prophecy (by the grace of Law of Attraction, which manifests it).

If we think “it will become worse”, it will become worse. Why? Because Law of Attraction will manifest a worse condition since you are convinced that it will become worse. If you continuously think the same negative thoughts, Law of Attraction will sooner or later deliver those negative thoughts as a physical manifestations.

So no physician or medical professional in the world can help making your diseases go away permanently if you are not convinced that it is possible for your health to become better. However, they may succeed to override your negativity with a “cure” that temporarily might seem to work. But if your negative vibration doesn’t substantially get better, your condition will most likely return.

Thus, we don’t really need doctors and nurses to improve our condition (unless there is an emergency or something). What we need is just learning the basics of the Law of Attraction so that we can find a way to steer our thoughts and feelings in the positive direction.

Regardless of which condition you or your loved ones have, better health is possible with the Law of Attraction. And that is true also in old age (60, 70, 80, 90, etc.). We do not have to decline, if we don’t want to. But in order to achieve that, we have to invest substantial time in our mental health (meditation, introspection, thought exercises, etc.).


The purpose of Part 3 is to present some of the most important ideas and techniques that you may use to improve your health and well-being.

Better Health Is Not About Action

Better health is not about action, but about what thoughts you are thinking, and what emotions you are feeling.

Here is what Abraham-Hicks say about action (The Astonishing Power of Emotions, p. 61):

“It is not your action that matters; it is your vibration. It is not your action that makes you fat; it is your vibration. It is not what you are doing that makes the difference; it is how you are feeling about what you are doing.”

The idea that action does not matter may, understandably, make some people say:

“OF COURSE my action makes a difference: If I eat much less, I will surely lose weight!”

So it is important to understand what the idea in Abraham-Hicks’s statement is.

First of all, they are not saying that we should avoid action. We are living in a physical space-time world, and action is necessary (but there are different types of action).

Second, they are not implying that action is devoid of physical effects. But they are saying that the effect of the action itself (i.e. without supporting beliefs and emotions) is minuscule compared to if the action is taken when one’s beliefs and emotions are “lined up” with one’s desires.

In other words, while an obese person certainly may lose some weight by “brute force” (i.e., doing some dieting “action” without aligning his or her beliefs and emotions with the desired outcome), that effect will be minimal compared to if that same person first would have spent time modifying his or her own beliefs and emotions so that the weight loss would have come off more naturally (without any “brute force” action).

And the lack of power of the “brute force” action way of doing things is also often accompanied by a temporary result. For how many times have we not heard the story of people who lose weight, but then, shortly thereafter, regain it all, and then some?

So all “serious” students of the Law of Attraction really need to understand that their body is a precise physical representation of their thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

In other words, if our beliefs and emotions are not in the right place, then it will be difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish that dream body (or whatever else we want to manifest, health-wise). The only “soft” and “effective” long-term alternative is to work on one’s inner beliefs and emotions, so that they feel good to you.

Positive Thoughts Fuel Better Physical Health

One of the main points in the philosophy of the Law of Attraction is that we must move toward a more positive attitude. This is why Seth is talking about the need for “sunny thoughts”. [note 1]

But we are not here talking about some “fake” positivity, but about authentic positivity. For one’s real positivity is not always in the words we speak, or think. Rather, it’s in the emotions: how are you feeling about the things you are thinking, and the things that you are saying?

Our goal then is to feel good as much of the time as possible, and to feel bad as little of time as possible. It’s airtime that counts.

So the more time we can spend feeling good, the better. And it is not even necessary to feel good about our health in order to generate better health. What is necessary, though, is that you are feeling good about something, and are doing it as often, and as long, as ever possible (as the 17-second rule tells us)

Reclaiming the 6 Innate Attitudes

In order to be able to successfully improve your physical condition, it is imperative to know the basic principles of the Law of Attraction first.

Then, there are health-specific things that one may want to add. One such health-specific process is the “refreshing” of the 6 innate attitudes for promoting health.

These positive attitudes (or general ideas and beliefs) are “pre-loaded” or “injected” into all children when they are born, so that they can developed into strong, healthy adults.

However, most adults do not remember all of these 6 native attitudes. Because they have been influenced by parents, friends, and the society as a whole (newspapers, evening news, public health statistics, etc.), they now think that perfect health is more or less impossible for themselves, and perhaps especially so when they approach old age.

But achieving better health is certainly possible for anyone, regardless of age. And the 6 innate attitudes can help you get there. The sooner we can understand that there is no shortage of health and well-being for any of us, the sooner we can reach our health goals.

Stop Studying Public Health Statistics

There is no value for a student of the Law of Attraction to study public health statistics, even if his motive is to “get informed” about health, in order to (somehow) increase the odds of improving his or her health, or at least maintaining his or her existing health as long as possible.

This is because those statistics are mostly focused on diseases and various negative conditions. And the more we focus on such negative things, the more likely it will be that we ourselves will lower our vibration, and eventually be experiencing one of those diseases or conditions ourselves.

So my simple recommendation is: stop studying public health statistics. It is not conducive to your improved health.

And also note that it is not just in dedicated academic journals and books that we may find discussions on public health statistics.

Such discussions, often highlighting “the danger” of various diseases and conditions, are often discussed in newspapers and newscasts as well. And medical commercials are of course almost everywhere nowadays, also highlighting the “problem” (the disease) and then quickly offering some sort of remedy solution (“the product”).

So it is important to avoid as much of that as possible, in order to be able to not get sidetracked. The Law of Attraction philosophy clearly states that it is our thinking and our beliefs that cause our illnesses, not any viruses or bacteria, etc.

Thus, in order to stay committed to the “thoughts create our reality, and nothing else” philosophy that Law of Attraction represents, we must simply reject the “billiard-ball philosophy” of our friends at the CDC in Atlanta, and other such places.

So say that you believe the following: “if there are dangerous viruses in the air, and I inhale them, I will get sick”. If you do believe that, then you will, most probably, get sick for real. Not because you inhaled some viruses, but because you were afraid of them. In other words, your negative thoughts resulted in a negative manifestation (by the grace of the Law of Attraction).

Consider Getting Another Job

Are you in the emotional risk zone at work? Is your job one where there is a high frequency of complaints and bad vibes, and where negative emotion “flourishes”?

If you have such a job, then you are making it very hard for yourself to really get off the ground, in terms of becoming a happier, more positive person. And if you cannot become a happier, more positive person, then you also cannot achieve any substantial difference in regard to your health.

That is why Abraham-Hicks remind us of this (Money, and the Law of Attraction, p. 131):

“If you could make a decision to never allow negative emotion to linger within you . . . you will not only be a very healthy person, but you will be a joyful person. Joy, appreciation, love, and health are all synonymous. Resentment, jealousy, depression, anger, and sickness are all synonymous.”

So by avoiding workplaces where there are a lot of complaints, fighting, and misery, you may make it much easier to come to a better emotional state. And this, in turn, then can make it easier for you to succeed as a student of the Law of Attraction.

One type of risky occupation (in terms of emotional health) is that of various “counseling” types of jobs, where people gather to talk about their various problems (health problems, relationship problems, financial problems, etc.). Here, practicing psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers are typical examples.

At risk are also certain physicians, nurses, firefighters, and police officers, who routinely are facing people in violent or life-threatening situations. Seeing so much suffering so regularly will severely limit their positivity and happiness.

In other words, it will be very hard for such people to compensate for all the misery that they are exposed to at work. So such jobs are not recommended for a serious student of the Law of Attraction who wants to get happy and healthy. Choose thy occupation wisely.

Focusing on Health, or Not?

One of the main questions in your quest to create better health for yourself is probably this: how should I think about my health in order to make it better?

My answer is that you should not necessarily think about health at all. This is particularly true if your current situation is such that you have some physical condition that is bothering you.

But it may be very difficult to focus away from your condition, especially if it constantly irritates you or is painful. So it is important that you identify your emotional profile first, so that you can choose a processes, or several processes, that are suited for your profile.

Another important piece of the puzzle (as described in Why Are Some People Sick, But Others Healthy as Horses?) is that it is important to stop worrying about your health.

And worrying about your health is not the only thing that can pave the way for more health problems either. Also worrying about other things might do the trick.

So worrying about money (“I don’t have enough to pay my bills. What should I do?”), or about relationships (“Where is my soulmate?”), or about work (“There are no good jobs for me. What now?”), may affect your health. For your constant focus on the lack of various things may lead to a future lack of health.

Identify Your Emotional Profile

This is where you try to pinpoint (in an approximate way) your position on the NP spectrum (or negativity-positivity scale) for the basic “life areas” or “topics” that are present in your life. Such topics and life areas include: work, health, money, romantic relationships, friends, etc.

The reason you are interested in determining what your emotional profile looks like is because it, in turn, determines which types of processes that most likely will be of assistance to you, in your attempt to improve your health.

So after you have identified your emotional profile, then go to The Three Scenarios to see which scenario is representing your emotional profile best.

From there, choose one (or several of) the processes that is recommended for that particular scenario.

The Top 5 Processes for Better Health

I have carefully selected the 5 most effective processes for better health that you can potentially use to improve your well-being using the Law of Attraction.

These 5 processes are: Meditation; Appreciation Rounds; Stop Thinking About Health; Relaxing with Reassuring Beliefs; and Belief Modification.

Note, though, that all of these 5 processes are not recommended for every scenario. So carefully identify which scenario fits best with your current emotional profile, and then stick with those processes that are recommended for that scenario.

After your emotional profile has shifted (and your health is better) because of your dedication to the processes, it may one day instead fit better with another scenario. Then switch to using those techniques and processes instead.

Why Do Some People Fail to Achieve Better Health?

The ones who most wish that their health would be better are those who are already sick. So here are some things they may have done, or not done.

  1. Not taking the Law of Attraction very seriously. Because they have not yet understood the true power of the Law of Attraction, they have practiced some “sloppy thinking”, and not followed the guidelines or the processes.
  2. Not understanding that acquiring better health is an additive process. Because the Law of Attraction is based on focusing, one must learn to avoid the negative, so that one can focus on something positive instead.
  3. Not being able to avoid observing their condition. Because such people have not understood point 2 above, they see no harm in continuing the observation of (and the complaining about) their own condition. Such focusing will guarantee that their health will not improve. Stop observing the condition, and focus on positive things instead.
  4. Being too attached to the result. There is no scope for being dependent on a positive outcome. The more “demanding” attitude one has, the less likely it is that a positive outcome will unveil itself.
  5. Being too impatient about it. Most people want fast results. That is not the correct attitude, especially if they already have manifested a “serious” condition. For if they have a “serious” condition, it means that their emotional profile is quite negative. So it will take them considerable inner work to improve that. This can take months, or even years, to do.

For more details, see The Top 5 Reasons Why Better Health Isn’t Manifesting.

Who Succeed in Developing Better Health?

  1. Those focusing on their own happiness and joy. According to the Law of Attraction, the goal of life is not to save the world, or be “productive”, or even be respected by others. The goal of life is to manifest those things that you want (which may not be what others want), and simultaneously keeping yourself happy and joyful. It’s your joy that counts the most, not the joy of other people.
  2. Those adopting emotional selfishness. We have to be emotionally selfish, at all times, and avoid empathy as much as possible. People who are too empathic, and too frequently so, can seldom keep their own positive emotions going, but are instead dragged down toward the negative by their attempt to be compassionate. Hence, they cannot establish a robust health for themselves.
  3. Those who are grateful and appreciative. People who are grateful and appreciative are typically on the positive half of the NP spectrum. It means that they have full self-acceptance, and they are now heading for more self-love. Once on the positive half of the NP spectrum, it will get easier to advance into more happiness and joy, and, of course, better health.
  4. Those who understand the value of self-acceptance. If one understands the importance of full self-acceptance (i.e. having reached at least P1, “weak positivity”), then one may be better motivated in terms of being committed to the process of the Law of Attraction.
  5. Those who understand the value of self-love. If one has reached the point of full self-acceptance (P1), there is little scope for saying that “Law of Attraction does not work.” Most people who reach P1 will therefore understand how precious further development will be, for reaching more self-love. And the more self-love we develop, the more excellent health we will be eligible for.
  6. Those who mind their own emotional business. If we are to succeed with the manifesting using Law of Attraction, we have to realize that our interest in others’ business is counterproductive. What other people are doing, or thinking, or feeling, is their business, not yours, especially if they are doing things, or thinking things, that you do not approve of. So the recommended approach is “turn the other cheek“: simply mind your own emotional business, and stay focused within, keeping your positive vibration as high as possible.
  7. Those who understand that it is not about “healing” any “disease”. Creating health with Law of Attraction is not an “exclusion” process. We don’t “heal” ourselves by “removing” some worrisome symptom or condition. For when we say the word “heal”, we automatically think “from what”, where that “what” is the disease or condition that we want to escape from. If we were to think along those lines, we would never get rid of our condition. We must think as little as possible about our “disease” and instead focus on the concept of “health”.

For more on these points, see Who Succeed in Creating Better Health with Law of Attraction?


  1. “The key to bringing your body to a new place is to see it differently from the way it is. … For as long as you are seeing your body as it is, you are contradicting the vibration of the idea of a slender body. You cannot create a new reality while looking at your current reality.” (Abraham-Hicks, The Astonishing Power of Emotions, p. 59)
  2. “One of the attitudes detrimental to good health is that of self-condemnation, or dislike of the self. Such attitudes are unfortunately sometimes fostered by parents, schools, and religions. Feelings of self-worth, self-esteem, and pleasure with one’s abilities promote feelings of well-being, health, and exuberance.” (Seth, The Way Toward Health, p. 148)
  3. “Since the cells of your body know what to do to come into balance, if you can find a way of focusing your attention upon good-feeling thoughts, you will stop your negative interference and your recovery will come.” (Abraham-Hicks, Money, and the Law of Attraction, p. 112)
  4. “To be healthy you must believe in health. A good physician is a changer of beliefs [in his or her patients]. He will replace an idea of illness with one of health. Whatever methods or drugs he uses will not be effective unless this change of belief takes place.” (Seth, The Nature of Personal Reality, p. 87; my square brackets)
  5. “Someone asked us recently, ‘Is there any limitation to the body’s ability to heal?’ And we said, None, other than the belief that you hold. And he asked, ‘Then why aren’t people growing new limbs?’ And we said, Because no one believes they can.” (Abraham-Hicks, Ask and It Is Given, p. 287)


The focus in Part 5 is on providing the best materials for learning more about creating vibrant health with the Law of Attraction. Below are two sections that may be interesting to consult: one section about the best books (and chapters) on creating better health with the Law of Attraction; and the other section is a list of relevant articles that may be interesting to read.

Best Books on Manifesting Better Health

Both Seth and Abraham-Hicks have published books on how to think and feel about our health and our bodies in order to succeed in manifesting. Seth has two important books that contain substantial material about health, and Abraham-Hicks have five similarly significant titles. These are all highly recommended.

The two books by Seth are: The Nature of Personal Reality (1994) and The Way Toward Health (1997).

The five books by Abraham-Hicks are: Ask and It Is Given (2004); The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent (2006); The Law of Attraction (2006); The Astonishing Power of Emotions (2007); Money, and the Law of Attraction (2008).

For more details about the health-specific content of these books, see my article Best Books on Manifesting Health.

Articles on Manifesting Better Health

  1. My Thoughts, Not My Foods, Determine My Health and Body Shape
  2. It’s Just Temporary: Self-Talk, Recovery, and Positive Attitude


  1. The phrase “sunny thoughts” is found in Seth’s book The Way Toward Health, p. 65.


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