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Our general privacy policy is that we want to know as little personal information as possible about the people who are visiting our site. This is because we are not selling anything on this website.

Since we are not selling anything here, we are also not using a standard email list (other than WordPress’s own in-built feature, where users can subscribe to the posts coming from this site). Thus, we are not explicitly asking for anyone’s email, as part of a marketing campaign, since we are uninterested in email marketing in the first place. And thus, we have no such personal information at our disposal, either for our purposes, or for sharing with anyone else.

This suits our purposes perfectly, since our mission here is not to be a sales organisation in any traditional sense, but simply a platform for Chris Bocay’s ongoing online publishing.

As for the “analytics” of the website, in terms of who visits, we are only minimally informed. The only information we have at our disposal is’s basic analytic tool, which gives us very limited information about our users. And we also do not use any Google Analytics or AdWords, or any plugins that may be used for tracking purposes.

The most important information for our visitors to be aware of is, we believe, that we are unable to see not only your IP number, but also your exact location. The basic information provided through the platform only gives us the country that the visitors are residing in, and not their exact location (so we cannot see which city, or county, or state our visitors are from).

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First published: Fri 31 Jan 2020
Last revised: Sat 19 Aug 2023

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