Who Succeed in Creating Better Health with Law of Attraction?

Titlepic: Who Succeed in Creating Better Health with Law of Attraction?

Who are those that achieve success in terms of manifesting better health, using the Law of Attraction? What kind of approach do they use? How do they think?

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Here are some of the things that successful practitioners typically think of when they desire to create better health with the Law of Attraction.

Note, though, that the following points are not exhaustive: there are many attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs that need to be “synchronized” and “harmonized” in order for positive manifestations to appear.

It may be helpful to also consult my Master the Law of Attraction page, where you can read about more general ideas and attitudes that need to be adopted in order to maximize one’s probabilities for success.


As I have said in other places, it is possible to improve one’s health by using the Law of Attraction.

But achieving that is not always very easy. In order to do it one must be a serious, committed student of the Law of Attraction.

Sure, there are some “special” people who know nothing of the Law of Attraction who nevertheless have succeeded in keeping themselves healthy and happy also in old age. They know intuitively what to do.

However, few “ordinary” people manage to do that. So if they too want to taste the nectar of excellent health and well-being in old age, they need to get many things right.

First, they need to study some theory. It’s good to read some of the best general books about the Law of Attraction, and then also consider reading some of the best health-specific books about it.

One important thing to discover in that reading process is the various health-conducive practices and techniques that one can use to reach one’s wellness goals.

Note that these techniques and practices may seem simple at a first glance. But there are delicate details that need to be mastered before pleasing materializations can manifest into one’s life experience.

I am hoping that the following points will help you get a clearer sense of what is needed in order to manifest better health for yourself.


The ones who succeed all must carefully follow many different guidelines and adopt a certain attitude toward life that is conducive to inviting better health into their lives.

So here are some of those points and attitudes.

Note: Adhering to the following principles is, of course, a tall order for most people. And that’s why so few people really succeed with the Law of Attraction, whether in regard to their health, or to some other life area (money, career, relationship, etc.).

Those Who Know It’s Not about “Healing”

The Law of Attraction is not a “subtraction” process. Rather it is an “addition” process.

This is because Law of Attraction does not listen to the command “please exclude this”. Therefore, Law of Attraction never “subtracts” anything from your life experience, it only “adds” new things.

The idea is that we cannot focus on our disease in the process. We cannot think “please, remove this illness of mine”. For as soon as we give attention to the word “illness” (and maybe specify it even further with a word such as “diabetes” or “allergy”, etc.), Law of Attraction will bounce back more of that illness vibration to us, and prolong, or even worsen, our physical condition.

So when we look at the word “healing” it is constructed in such a way as to say “erase a bad condition”. In other words, the word “healing” contains within it the idea of a removing of some troublesome health issue.

Therefore we should not be very enthusiastic in using the word “healing”, and we should also not think of the Law of Attraction as an “elimination of something bad” process.

Rather, Law of Attraction is a constructive process that rebuilds our life experience. So if we just stop thinking about our disease, this rebuilding process will not include that disease.

Note though, that this may take some time to manifest. And this is not just because of the in-built lagtime of manifestation that Law of Attraction has. It’s also because there are so many cells in your body to replace.

But know that there, on average, are approximately 330 billions of cells in your body that are replaced with new ones every day; so roughly 80 grams of your current body weight is less than a day old (Fischetti and Christiansen 2021). [note 1]

Note also that this is the “typical” rate for humans who are NOT practicing the Law of Attraction. So these values may be radically different for those who really get expert at manifesting vibrant health.

Those Who are Emotionally Selfish

One must care more about one’s own emotions than the emotions of others. The typical attitude must be: “It’s better that their emotions get hurt than mine.” So there is no scope for any empathy.

The idea here is, of course, not that one wants to hurt other people deliberately, or anything like that. It’s just that the Law of Attraction is all about emotions: If you cannot even maintain your positive emotions (not to speak of increasing the positive momentum), then you will never really master the art of deliberate creation.

So the whole point of the Law of Attraction philosophy is that your emotions show you how “on track” you are with your manifesting exercises. Your emotions constitute your emotional guidance system. The better you feel (emotionally), the better you will be at manifesting excellent health.

This means that, if you “put yourself in someone else’s shoes”, and try to emulate their negative emotions to approximately feel what they feel, then you are also voluntarily diminishing your hard-earned positivity and thereby lessening your chances of positive manifestations.

Therefore, the choice is yours: You can either choose to be empathic and be “a friend in need is a friend indeed” and thus sabotage your own manifestation project. Or you can choose to avoid such discussions and situations in order to maximize your chances of manifestation positive things with the Law of Attraction.

Those Who “Turn the Other Cheek”

The people who succeed in manifesting better health typically know the subtle art of “turning the other cheek“.

By learning to filter out negative experiences as soon as possible, they can stay on track with their positive mindset, without deep-diving into negative emotions which will take days or weeks to get out of.

Of course, they know they can relatively easily get back on track, since they have practiced the art of appreciation and gratitude for many years.

Nevertheless, it does take them a while to do it. And it requires energy and commitment to follow it through. All in all, it is not worth it to get “bogged down” by such negative emotions.

So the sooner one abandons the negative focus, the better. One must not let a small elephant become a big elephant, for it will destroy the whole plantation (loosely paraphrased from Tony Robbins).

Also note that this “turning the other cheek” is not just about what other people do and say and think. It’s also about what you yourself do and say and think.

So when we are talking about health, for instance, it is imperative that we do NOT focus on our disease or illness or symptoms and feel bad about it. If we do that, we will most probably never get rid of it.

Those who are successful in terms of creating more health for themselves with the Law of Attraction therefore actively try, in various ways, to distract themselves from observing the disease. This way they can avoid thinking about it, or talking about it, or writing about it.

In other words, any attention given to the disease or illness will hold it longer in one’s life experience. Somehow or other one must learn to cope with one’s condition without complaining about it, and instead embrace hope: for it is that positive attitude that is our best chance for recovery.

Those Who Mind Their Own Business

We must foster an attitude of disinterest toward what everyone else is doing (especially when they are doing things we don’t like). We cannot control what they are doing, or not doing, anyway. Or, if we can, it still takes a lot of time and energy.

Our mission here is not to observe and complain about what other people are doing, or not doing. Our mission here is to find new things to be excited about, not irritated about.

So being successful in terms of manifesting the things you want, is about having a high vibration, full of joy, happiness, and excitement. And this is not possible if one gets too entangled in other people’s messy affairs.

Those Who Don’t Fight Against

People who are good at manifesting positive things are seldom involved in “pushing against” anything or anyone. For fighting against someone or something is just another way to complain.

One common example are various protests. But whether it is a demonstration on Main Street about stopping a war, or to shut down the local nuclear power reactor, it’s still complaining. So masters of manifestation typically do not participate in such events.

This “fighting against” thing can also be tricky to discover sometimes. By clever “spinning” one may cloak the “fighting against”. So it’s important to try to understand what’s happening.

One example is political cartoons. Under the guise of “humor” the cartoon artist may express his dissatisfaction in some ironic or sarcastic style. But it’s just complaining, nevertheless. So irony and sarcasm are seldom tools to use for those who are into deliberate creation.

Those Who Rather Feel Good Than Being Right

Experts at manifestation are typically masters of managing their own vibration. In other words, their promise to themselves is that they want to feel good always, or as much as ever possible.

For people who have busy working lives, this is certainly not an easy task. But that is the work.

So one “challenge” then is how to maneuver in the world to always feel good. What happens when other people prove to you that your argument is a bad one, and that you are simply wrong?

There are of course different ways to handle that. But the main principle is to as quickly as possible extract oneself from that discussion, for example by saying, “You may be right. But we can talk about that later”, or something to that effect.

So the tactic must be to not get irritated and to keep one’s positive feelings intact.

This, however, may be tricky to do in a business environment, where the typical attitude is one of competition and “getting ahead in the rat race”.

Nevertheless, one must learn to prioritize one’s feelings, and care less about how one looks to others. “Losing face” is (or should be) a non-issue; “Losing one’s inner positive feelings” is the main thing to be concerned about.

Those Who See Only Health and Well-Being

Masters of manifestation are typically careful to avoid interpreting anything to be “wrong”. For for typically see only “health and well-being” where other people see “diseases and illnesses”.

So what happens when they see a disease or a symptom? Well, for them, a disease is not a “static” or “permanent” physical thing. Rather, it’s just a temporary negative physical manifestation that can be reversed.

For this “disease” is just a sign of the too negative mood of the person having it. So if that person just stops going against the powerful Stream of Health and Well-being that comes from Source, then he or she may easily recover when his or her emotional state becomes more positive.

Those Who are Appreciative and Grateful

Those who are experts at manifestation know it very well: Being grateful and appreciative is a very good platform to be on. From there one can develop even more positivity in order to feel even better.

So the idea here is that one must express appreciation for one’s own situation (even though it may be painful or uncomfortable having a physical condition).

For some (those very low on the negativity-positivity scale) it may not be good to try to focus one’s appreciation on the “disease” itself, but instead try to show appreciation for their health in general, or for other topics that may be easier to have a positive attitude toward.


It is perfectly possible to build better health with the Law of Attraction. But there is a certain mindset that must be developed before one can really get good results.

If one adopts such a mindset then almost anything might be possible in terms of developing one’s wellness, even in old age.

Chris Bocay


  1. Note, though, that the typical scientific attitude still is that regeneration in humans is limited, or very limited, compared to some animal species. So while “the most remarkable cases of regeneration” are to be found in bryozoans and sea cucumbers, regeneration in humans “is limited to the replacement of parts subject to wear and easy loss, such as hair and nails, and to the renewal of damaged tissues, such as skin” (Considine and Kulik 2008, pp. 4483-4484).


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