Manifesting Better Health Is an Additive Process (Law of Attraction)

Titlepic: Manifesting Better Health Is an Additive Process (Law of Attraction)

To deliberately create better health with Law of Attraction is a process of adding health & well-being, not a process of removing certain diseases or illnesses.

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Make no mistake: It is absolutely crucial to make sure that your thoughts are not spoiling your health or your getting that dream body of yours. Your own thoughts create your own reality, just like other people’s thoughts create their reality.

For those of you who are already on your way to mastering the Law of Attraction, this is no news. But even if you know it in theory, it might be worthwhile to hear it again, from a different perspective.

So in this article I will stress the point that improving your physical health really IS about getting your thoughts (and emotions) in order. And sometimes it may be done even without thinking, at all.


I am in the following using the words “disease” and “illness” here and there. But I am doing that only to get my points across to you, as a reader. As students of the Law of Attraction, we should never, in our practices, think of words such as “disease” or “illness”. And definitely not think about the particular names of various diseases, either. [note 1]

Our only attention should be on positive, general words such as “health” and “well-being”, so that we may, slowly, let the vibrations of those other negative words fade out into nothingness. Then we can rebuild our health in a positive, constructive manner, without their interference.

Note though, that even words like “health” and “well-being” may be counterproductive to people who are “seriously” ill; they may say things like “Health? What health? Can’t you see that I am suffering from morning to night?”

So for those who are in that condition, the leap to health may be too big to contemplate in their current state. So they may be better off not using words like “health” and “well-being”. For such words may automatically trigger thoughts about their perceived “impossible health situation”, i.e., their current “disease”.

In this latter case then, the best recommendation is to stop all thinking, by the process of Abraham-Hicks-style meditation. For when we stop all thinking, we also stop all negative thoughts. And by doing so, we can gain a little positive momentum. Done daily, over weeks and months, this will help our healing process.


Law of Attraction is an “additive” principle, not a “subtractive” principle. In other words, we cannot, by our thoughts, ask the Law of Attraction to “demanifest” or “remove” something that already has appeared in our experience.

So if you have some sort of physical condition that is irritating or even painful, it is of course natural that you want it to disappear.

But it won’t disappear if you continue thinking like that, especially if you are scared or frightened, or otherwise are showing strong negative emotions in connection with it.

For everyone’s current situation, including their status of health, is a direct result of their thoughts. So if a person is in excellent health, this is only because he or she mostly has genuinely positive thoughts, and is emitting them more or less all the time.

But if a person is in a bad shape health-wise, the story is the same: It is a direct result of their thoughts. This happens when a person routinely thinks negative thoughts, either about their health or about any other topic.

So bad health is not necessarily created by negative thoughts about one’s body or one’s health; any complaining, about any topic, may do the trick.

The Soup Analogy

Suppose that you are in a sunny location and have access to a most well-equipped outdoor kitchen. And you want to make some soup.

So now you are in that kitchen, preparing a most delicious soup, with the most exquisite combination of herbs and vegetables and spices. You are almost done, and you just are about to “test taste” it once more. But now your phone rings.

And then, after having stepped away for a minute or two, a small bird accidentally flies into your boiling soup and drowns.

Now, since you know one or two things about birds and viruses, you get worried about your soup. The bird is already cooked, so there’s nothing to worry about there. But what about your soup? Can you eat it? Should you eat it?

Because of your “informed status”, you decide to discard the soup. For, since you are a follower of the Avian Flu information from CDC, you suspect that this strange-looking bird may excrete various viruses that may get into your soup (and from there, into your own system, if you eat it). [note 2]

These potential viruses may perhaps already be “immobilized” by the cooking process (if they have been in there for a few minutes). By why take any chances?

So you are deciding to throw everything away and just start making a new soup from scratch.

A “Disease-Free” Body

The point I am trying to make here is that it is impossible to “subtract” the viruses (if they are there, at all) once they are inside the soup.

Therefore, the only way to make a completely “disease-free” soup (i.e. a “healthy” soup) is to start making a new pot of soup, in a pot that is disinfected or sterilized, using fresh produce, etc.

This connects to the “additive” point I made in the beginning: If we have some sort of troublesome physical condition, we cannot “subtract” it from our body, using the Law of Attraction. Instead, we have to throw out our current body, and start cooking up a fresh “disease-free” (i.e. “healthy”) body.

Of course, I am not here saying that you should physically get rid of your own body; I am simply saying that you have to get rid of your current “disease-filled” body image, as you perceive it to be, when you look at it, and think about it.

So instead of your current “disease-filled” body image (that you are recreating every time you look at your diseased body and think about it), you must create a another body image. And that must be a “disease-free” body image (i.e. a “healthy”, ideal body image).

Your new body image that you will carry around in your thoughts must be totally healthy, without any flaws (i.e., without any “symptoms” or “diseases” or “malfunctions”, etc.).

Your internal picture (or verbalization, if you are not so much into images and visualizations) of your body must be one that is perfectly functioning, with lots of energy and vitality and health.

Stop Observing Current Reality

The main rule is this: you cannot continue observing your bad physical condition and expect it to go away. That is not possible.

Well, actually, you could do that, if your thoughts and emotions about your troublesome physical condition would be very positive. But most people do not think very positively about their painful or irritating or “fatal” diseases; mostly, they offer lots and lots of negative thoughts and emotions about it.

And they typically make their situation even worse by then also communicating their experiences to others: Maybe they are calling their friends to complain? Maybe they are calling their doctor to express their suffering? Maybe they are writing in their health blog how much pain they are in?

In any case, we simply have to remove our attention from our body, or at the very least, from the part of the body that we perceive is “the disease”.

But to separate the two is not always easy. So many people cannot think about topics such as “my body” or “my health” without also slipping into the topic of their “disease”, whatever it may be.

Regenerating Your Health

If you are suffering from a “serious” disease, then you are typically in an average emotional mood that is mostly negative. You are then most probably an N2 (“medium negative”) or an N3 (“strongly negative”). These are the people that our hospitals are filled with.

So if we are at N2 or N3 and want to regenerate our health, we have to gradually move up the emotional spectrum so that we can reach P1 (“weakly positive”).

This can be done by consulting my article Top 5 Processes for Better Health, and by focusing on Process 1 (“Meditation“) and Process 4 (“Relaxing with Reassuring Beliefs“). Process 3 (“Stop Thinking About Health“) might also be helpful, if you can do it (but most people cannot).

When we have reached P1, the point which I call “self-acceptance“, we have come a long way. This is the state where our “self-blame” and “self-hate” have petered out, so that we now can start developing true self-love, which will heal everything.

Self-acceptance is a major milestone in terms of getting happy and satisfied. And this will enable you to regenerate your health even better. The more happy and satisfied you are, the better your health will be.


If we are suffering from some kind of “disease” or “illness”, it is important to deflect any and all negative thoughts from that subject.

For thinking about things we do not want is just as “manifestational” as thinking about things we do want.

This is because Law of Attraction is a principle that is “additive”: It includes everything you think about, whether it’s wanted or unwanted.

So we must stop thinking about all our “diseases”. And if we are in a good place we may then also start developing our own positive “body image”, which will be full of health, vitality, and positive vibration.

This way, whenever we mistakenly observe some “fault” with our body, we may use that as a trigger to deflect our attention to our ideal “body image” instead. For in our ideal body image, there is nothing but health, hope, and happiness.

Chris Bocay


  1. The terms “disease” and “illness” may be interpreted differently. See, for example, the discussion in Boyd 2000.
  2. An example of “being informed” by the CDC is the page “Transmission of Avian Influenza A Viruses Between Animals and People”.


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