Is Better Health Possible with Law of Attraction?

Titlepic: Is Better Health Possible with Law of Attraction?

Is it possible to improve one’s own physical health by using the Law of Attraction? Is perfect health possible in old age?

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How can one have a happy life without excellent physical health? Well, that is, of course, not possible. One must, one way or another, make sure to improve one’s physical health, so that one can create a platform for happiness in this lifetime.

Such improvement can be achieved by various “material” or “physical” means. So by regularly engaging in various cardio (aerobics) exercises one might be able to improve one’s physique. Or one may study nutrition and biochemistry in order to figure out how to properly combine one’s meals so that one can build a more fit body.

In this article, though, I am focusing on this question: “Is it possible to improve one’s body by using the Law of Attraction?”

The basic idea here is this: Is it possible to change one’s physique and its internal workings (metabolism, chemistry, electricity, etc.) merely by using the Law of Attraction (i.e., without exercises and without a change in eating habits)?

I am naturally not suggesting that one should not change one’s sedentary lifestyle into a more active one. And I am also not suggesting that one should not change one’s eating habits into a more healthy way of eating. But those things can also be done, in addition to using the Law of Attraction (if it is, at all, possible to change the body with the Law of Attraction on its own).

So what is the verdict? Can we change our bodies and physique with the Law of Attraction?


One may ask the question: Why should we at all care about whether it is possible to improve our health using the Law of Attraction?

Another Tool in Your Toolbox

The first reason why we should be interested in the idea of improving our health and well-being with the Law of Attraction is because it expands our toolbox.

If, for example, you have been unsuccessful in losing weight (i.e., losing fat) by trying to change your eating habits, then you might appreciate that it may be possible to do it with the Law of Attraction instead, or in combination with it.

Law of Attraction Rules Your Health

Another reason why we should be interested in this possibility is this: Law of Attraction rules the universe. So whatever comes your way (thoughts you have, feelings you feel, things you experience, people you meet) is managed by the Law of Attraction.

So you are literally building your world with your thoughts and feelings. In other words, you are building your own physical body and its well-being with your thoughts and emotions.

This means that if your thoughts and feelings in relation to your body is not very positive, the Law of Attraction will NOT lead you to a superb health.

This will then hinder the efficiency also of the other tools in your toolbox. Maybe you are not 110% ecstatic about that new dietary regime? Well, in combination with your low enthusiasm for your body (as it looks and feels right now), that new dietary regime won’t work very well.

Allowing Your Physical Health

So the upshot is that the main thing to be concerned with is your thoughts and feelings. If you are not constantly appreciating your body (how it looks, how it feels), then you are actively preventing the development of your desired bodily features and your desired physical health and well-being.

This is why Seth says (The Way Toward Health, p. 20):

“The quality of life is intensely important, and is to a large extent dependent upon a sense of well-being and self-confidence. While these attributes are expressed in the body, they also exist in the mind, and there are some cumbersome mental beliefs that may severely impede mental and physical well-being.”

It is also true that there is a substantial “leakage” between the thoughts you have in different life areas. So if you are not very enthusiastic about your job or your girlfriend, this may also affect your physical health and well-being.

Therefore, if Law of Attraction really works (see Law of Attraction: Is It Real?), then we all should be very interested in the question of whether it is possible to improve and maintain our own health with the grace of the Law of Attraction.


In Part 2 I deal with two topics, both related to the the question of whether better health is possible to achieve with the Law of Attraction. The first topic is that perfect health is theoretically possible for all human beings. The second topic is that perfect health is theoretically possible also for those who are old.

Perfect Health Is Achievable for All

There is not a bodily condition that cannot be corrected using the Law of Attraction. Abraham-Hicks state the following (Money, and the Law of Attraction, p. 121):

“There is not a physical apparatus, no matter what the state of deterioration, that cannot achieve perfect health.”

For most “ordinary” people, who are used to ideas such as “incurable diseases”, that is a very bold claim.

But that is simply because they have been “educated” by society and the scientific establishment into thinking that way. So it is just a matter of a false belief (which then Law of Attraction responds to and delivers a bodily state of affairs that never goes away).

So the basic “recipe” is then to abandon the idea of “incurable diseases” and instead think of one’s body as a malleable thing which can always be steered toward wellness. Thus, one’s bodily condition is one which is always changing.

And the quality and quantity of that change is ultimately up to the driver: it is only and fully determined by one’s thoughts and feelings. Therefore, manifesting better health with Law of Attraction is indeed possible.

Perfect Health in Old Age?

To have excellent health in old age is perfectly possible. But it is dependent on one’s beliefs. If you think it is possible, then it is possible. If you don’t think it is possible, it isn’t possible.

The reason we so often see declining health in old age is because most people are observing the world around them. And they see that most other people have declining health. Thus, they expect the same for themselves.

So a student of the Law of Attraction must avoid to conclude that his or her own physical health will do the same (also see: Stop Studying Statistics: The Virtue of Avoiding Epidemiology Research).

But the reason why people do get sicker and sicker in old age is not just because they observe the world around them and observe other people who are sick, and then expect the same for themselves. It is also because most people do not actively manage their own stream of well-being.

So, by the grace of Law of Attraction, most people build more and more resistance as they age (and they don’t know that they can counteract it). And that resistance is not just about their own health; it may also be about other areas of their life.

Therefore, Abraham-Hicks state (Money, and the Law of Attraction, p. 115):

“Older people often do experience more illness and less vitality. But the reason for the decline of people as they get older is not because their physical bodies are programmed to break down over time, but because the longer they live, the more they find to fuss and worry about, causing resistance to their natural Stream of Well-Being.”

And to end their paragraph, they clarify:

“Illness is about resistance, not about age.”

This is also confirmed by Seth, who says (The Way Toward Health, p. 19):

“Exuberance and joy, however, basically have nothing to do with time or age. They may be expressed as vividly and beautifully at the age of 80 as at the age of 8. For whole segments of the population, however, it seems as if joy and health are fleeting attributes expressed briefly in childhood.”

So the upshot is this: It is possible to be as healthy as a teenager even in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. But few people manage to do this without any knowledge of the Law of Attraction.

However, by mastering the Law of Attraction such perfect health becomes a real, practical possibility (instead of just a theoretical possibility).


Perfect health is achievable in all ages. But one cannot be a “sloppy thinker”. Rather, one must carefully attend to one thoughts and emotions throughout the day, and, as much as possible, be in a joyful and enthusiastic mood without complaining about this and that.

Joy, fun, excitement, appreciation, and thankfulness should be maximized; worry, fear, and complaining should be minimized. That is the overall formula for good physical health and a good-feeling body.

Chris Bocay


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