The 6 Innate Attitudes for Promoting Health and Well-Being

Titlepic: The 6 Innate Attitudes for Promoting Health and Well-Being

Here are the 6 innate attitudes for promoting health and well-being that all humans are born with, as presented by Seth. If we at any point in time stop subscribing to any of these attitudes, we will hinder our own health, well-being, and success.

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In this article the focus is on the 6 innate attitudes that Seth has presented in The Way Toward Health. These innate attitudes are crucial for the early development of the child in terms of growth, health, and well-being.

However, as time goes by some or all of these attitudes are lost. This article then is meant as a “refresher”, so that we, as adults, again can adopt them and improve our own health and well-being.


Part 1 is about the idea that the 6 native attitudes are crucial for the positive development of health, both for the child and the adult.

All Babies are Thinking

What most people do not know is that infants are thinking from day one, and thereby also contributing to the creation of their own bodies. This is confirmed by Abraham-Hicks (Money, and the Law of Attraction, p. 120):

“People often incorrectly assume that since the baby cannot speak, it could not be creating its own reality, but that is not the case. . . . Your babies are thinking when they are born, and before they are born they are vibrationally aware.”

Pre-Programmed Thoughts

And since all babies are thinking (and feeling) it is important that those thoughts and feelings and attitudes are “correct”, in the sense of supporting their continuous growth.

Therefore, there are 6 native attitudes that are “pre-programmed” into every child at the time of birth, as Seth explains (The Way Toward Health, p. 65):

“Even as infants, then, you are predisposed naturally toward certain feelings, thoughts and attitudes that are meant to insure your healthy survival and emergence into adulthood.”

Health Requires Sunny Thoughts

The general quality of these pre-programmed thoughts and attitudes is that they have a very positive flavor. Seth is talking about the need for “sunny thoughts” (The Way Toward Health, p. 65).

So for the infant, these 6 innate attitudes provide a perfect dose of positivity in order to facilitate perfect health and well-being.

Reclaiming the 6 Innate Attitudes

However, as time goes by, most humans are not capable of maintaining all of these 6 native attitudes. Because of their life experiences they may think that perfect health is impossible for themselves, and perhaps especially so when they approach old age.

But better health is always possible, in any age (see Is Better Health Possible with Law of Attraction?). However, one must master the Law of Attraction in order to be able to get there.

And one of the components of mastering the Law of Attraction is to be sure to reclaim the 6 innate attitudes. We must start believing in all of these in order to set the stage for our perfect health and well-being.


In Part 2 I present the six innate attitudes. If you currently do not hold all of these six attitudes, make it a priority to adopt them. The more your own beliefs match these six native attitudes, the better your health and well-being will be.

Attitude One: I Am an Excellent Being

The first innate attitude is this (The Way Toward Health, p. 68):

Attitude One:  “I am an excellent creature, a valuable part of the universe in which I exist.”

Many people in the modern world are comparing themselves to others, and thus have a tendency to diminish themselves in terms of their looks or their capability. So they may engage in various self-blame or self-hate activities, which naturally erode their own health and their life quality as a whole.

So we must adopt a better attitude, and stop comparing ourselves to others. We must think of ourselves (and others) as excellent beings, no matter how we look, and no matter what skills or abilities we have or don’t have.

For we all are sons and daughters of the Universe. And because of that we are theoretically deserving of everything that we desire. But we cannot be practically deserving of everything we desire until we really believe that we are excellent and valuable beings.

Attitude Two: My Existence Benefits All Beings

The second innate attitude is as follows (The Way Toward Health, p. 68):

Attitude Two:  “My existence enriches all other portions of life, even as my own being is enhanced by the rest of creation.”

The meaning of attitude two may to some be somewhat cryptic. But if we understand the phrase “portions of life” roughly as “conscious entities” (i.e., human beings, animals, trees, plants, cells, microbes, electrons, etc.), then we can say the following:

“My existence benefits all conscious beings, just as I am benefited by their existence.”

Attitude Three: It Is Good for Me to Grow

The third innate attitude is this (The Way Toward Health, p. 68):

Attitude Three:  “It is good, natural, and safe for me to grow and develop and use my abilities, and by so doing I also enrich all other portions of life.”

Here the focus is both on the growth and development, as well as on the usage of those developed abilities. By being and acting in this world I enrich all other conscious entities.

So by being and acting in this world (no matter what I do, or when I do it, or how I do it) I benefit all people, all trees, all elephants, all birds, all cells, all electrons, etc.

Attitude Four: I am Eternally Supported by the Universe

The fourth innate attitude is the following (The Way Toward Health, p. 68):

Attitude Four:  “I am eternally couched and supported by the universe of which I am a part, and I exist whether or not that existence is physically expressed.”

Here we have two ideas. One idea is that I always exist, eternally. And this is so because the essence of that which I am is pure consciousness. Consciousness is non-physical in nature. Therefore, I am always existing, whether I am in “inside” a physical body, or not.

The second idea is that I am eternally supported by the universe. Since I am an eternal being, I am therefore also eternally supported by the Universe. This is the importance of what Abraham-Hicks calls my Inner Being, which always is aware of whatever I am thinking and feeling and doing.

Attitude Five: I Deserve All Good Things

The fifth innate attitude is this (The Way Toward Health, p. 68):

Attitude Five:  “By nature I am a good deserving creature, and all of life’s elements and parts are also of good intent.”

As a son or daughter of the Universe, I am superbly worthy (see also Dear Chris: What Do I ‘Deserve’, Really?).

And everything that I experience in this world is good (even though it may not always feel that way). This is because every “negative” experience I have gives rise to new rockets of desire, whereby the universe expands.

Attitude Six: All Imperfections Are Unimportant

The sixth innate attitude is this one (The Way Toward Health, p. 68):

Attitude Six:  “All of my imperfection, and all of the imperfections of other creatures, are redeemed in the greater scheme of the universe in which I have my being.”

All imperfections, whether they are mine or others’, are unimportant in the larger scheme of things.

In order for us to thrive, we must turn the other cheek when we encounter imperfections (whether in ourselves or in others), so that we can build a more positive state of mind, with more happiness and joy.


By synchronizing our own thoughts and attitudes with the 6 innate attitudes we maximize the possibly for perfect health.

Note, though, that this synching is not the only thing that needs to be done in order to actually end up with perfect health. But it is a good start.

For perfect results in terms of health, well-being, and success in life, it is imperative to also be mastering the Law of Attraction as a whole.

Chris Bocay


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