Best Books on Manifesting Better Health with Law of Attraction

Titlepic: Best Books on Manifesting Better Health with Law of Attraction

Here are some of the best books and chapters about improving your physical health and well-being if you are using the Law of Attraction.

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In order to be able to live this life in a happy mood, it is very important to address any uncomfortable or painful physical conditions to try to make them better.

Sure, there are various “brute force” kind of solutions with today’s modern medical technology. And some such solutions may be useful for getting some temporary relief, both physically and emotionally.

But a student of the Law of Attraction realizes that the discomfort or the pain is not a symptom of any particular “disease”. Rather it is simply a product of his or her own too negative emotional state.

And such a state can be improved upon. So everyone is, theoretically, able to morph their own health into a better-feeling place, if they want to.

This can be done by various health-promoting techniques and practices that target one’s thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. By actively modifying one’s inner thought-world, one can transform troublesome physical conditions and make them better.

Achieving that is typically not an easy or quick thing, especially if the condition is diagnosed as “serious”. But it can be done by people who are really dedicated to improving their own health.

Therefore, the following list of books is meant for those who want to actively address their unwanted physical condition using the Law of Attraction, in order to gradually revitalize themselves and come closer to a happy and joyful life experience.


There are many books written on Law of Attraction, and some of them talk about improving one’s health.

The overwhelming majority of these books, however, are not authorized sources of the Law of Attraction. So books such as Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret or Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success or Maxwell Maltz’s Psycho-Cybernetics are not recommended here, as a tool to improve one’s health.

This is not to say that those books are useless, or anything like that. Many people (millions!) have been introduced to each of these versions of the Law of Attraction by reading those titles. So we may say that they have worked well as a sort of basic, sketchy introduction to the real Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction Is Tricky

However, since mastering the Law of Attraction is tricky, with many, many details to consider, those three books are not precise enough or detailed enough to handle all aspects of getting good at practicing the Law of Attraction.

Therefore, I am here restricting my listing, so that it exclusively covers only authoritative accounts of the Law of Attraction. And these, as far I know, are only two, namely Seth and Abraham-Hicks.

By recommending only these two authorized authors, I know that the information found in these books will be able to help you address most of the “trickiness” of the Law of Attraction, if you, at one time or another, were to embark on a personal health journey.


Both Seth and Abraham-Hicks have published books on how to think and feel about our health and our bodies in order to succeed in manifesting better health and more well-being.

Seth has two important books that contain substantial material about adjusting one’s health in the positive direction, and Abraham-Hicks have five similarly significant titles.

All of these books are highly recommended. [note 1]

Books by Seth on Health

The Nature of Personal Reality (1994). Topics: Constant creation of your body (pp. 81-101); physical body and consciousness (pp. 81-101); beliefs and your body (pp. 120-121, 134-135); cause of chronic illness (p. 142); body as product of creativity (p. 160); elimination of illness (p. 293); natural healing of illness (pp. 333-334, 341-342); “incurable” illness (p. 368).

The Way Toward Health (1997). Topics: Innate predisposition toward health (pp. 65-66); the body as a natural self-healer (pp. 104, 107, 109); healing functions of body consciousness (p. 114); creative approach to health (p. 123); distorted ideas about illness (p. 145); attitudes promoting health (p. 148); attitudes detrimental to health (p. 148); beliefs about the body (pp. 216-217, 258-259); choosing illness (pp. 231-232).

Books by Abraham-Hicks on Health

Ask and It Is Given (2004). The most significant chapter is the one called “Reclaiming One’s Natural State of Health” (pp. 283-291). Within this chapter the following topics are discussed: But what about an unhealthy little baby? (p. 287); if you have received a frightening diagnosis (p. 288); illness as an extension of negative emotion (p. 289), you could remain in these bodies indefinitely (p. 290); every death is self-imposed (pp. 290-291).

The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent (2006). The chapter “Applying the Reclaiming-One’s-Natural-State-of-Health Process” (pp. 205-209) is a continuation of the discussion named “Reclaiming One’s Natural State of Health” in Ask and It Is Given. Also important are these subjects: To hopefully move away from medicated diabetes (p. 266); cells and the body (pp. 266-267); the woman with arthritis (pp. 267-268); reducing body weight (pp. 269-270).

The Law of Attraction (2006). Topics: Magnetic power and health and vitality (pp. 43-44); thinking and worrying about illness (p. 49); flu season and bridging beliefs (pp. 51-52); regaining and maintaining health (p. 132); imagination and health (p. 138); is there a limited amount of health available to us? (142-143).

The Astonishing Power of Emotions (2007). Two chapters are dedicated to health issues: The chapter “I Cannot Lose Weight” (pp. 57-66) and the chapter “My Mother Has Been Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease” (pp. 165-167).

Money, and the Law of Attraction (2008). This book contains long sections on health-related topics. In Part 3, “Maintaining My Physical Well-Being” (pp. 99-138), we find subjects like these: I can feel good in my body (pp. 100-101); what is the role of thought in traumatic injuries? (pp. 109-110); could I inherit my grandmother’s illness? (pp. 128-129). In Part 4, “Perspectives of Health, Weight, and Mind” (pp. 141-167), there are topics such as these: I want to enjoy a healthy body (pp. 141-142); must attention to illness attract illness? (pp. 146-147); but what if I believe in dangerous germs? (pp. 155-157).


By using the information available in the books by Seth and Abraham-Hicks, the sincere seeker of better health may succeed in his or her quest.

Note though, that it takes considerable time, effort, and focus to substantially modify one’s health in the desired direction. But it is possible, for devoted students of the Law of Attraction.

The natural state of all humans on this planet is health. And it is only because of our negative thinking and poor focus that we have diminished that natural flow of healing energy. We can all improve our health, if we really want to.

Chris Bocay


  1. Note that both Seth and Abraham-Hicks have other books than the ones that I have listed here. The ones that I have listed are simply those with substantial material about health in particular. But there are, of course, other topics discussed in the other books that are not directly linked to health but still may be helpful to one’s overall desire to master the Law of Attraction.


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