Top 5 Reasons Why Better Health Isn’t Manifesting (Law of Attraction)

Titlepic: Top 5 Reasons Why Better Health Isn't Manifesting (Law of Attraction)

Here are some of the most important reasons why your health may not yet have improved to the degree that you desire, or at all.

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I will here be covering many of the most common “mistakes” that people do when they are attempting to recover from various illnesses and diseases.

If your goal is to improve your health with the Law of Attraction, but you have not yet succeeded in achieving the type of results that you are looking for, then this article may be of some assistance.


It is possible, for any serious student of the Law of Attraction, to improve their health.

This can be done by various health-promoting techniques and practices that target one’s thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

But although such techniques and processes may seem, at first, quite simple and straightforward, there are many potential pitfalls to experience.

So even if you have read the best books on manifesting better health with Law of Attraction, it still may not suffice. For even if you have understood the theory of Law of Attraction, and its application in the area of health and well-being, the real challenge is to actually get it to work in practice, in YOUR life.

The following is therefore a collection of some of the top reasons why people in general are not succeeding in materializing better health for themselves.


The ones who most wish that their health would be better are those who are already sick. So here are some things they may have done, or not done.

Thinking That Law of Attraction Is Easy

Some people approach the Law of Attraction in an “easy-peasy” attitude, and do not take it very seriously.

In principle there is nothing wrong with that, if one is already a happy person who is in excellent health. For “easy-peasy”, together with a relaxed, care-free attitude, is certainly the way to go to succeed with the Law of Attraction.

But those people who are desiring better health the most, namely those who do NOT have it, are typically NOT having an “easy-peasy” attitude in regard to their health (they only have it in regard to their daily mental and emotional inner work, which they may not want to do).

So instead of being care-free and playful about their own (lack of) health, they are often very serious and stressed about it, fearing that their illness or disease might get worse.

One thing to do for such people is typically to try to steer their thoughts away from the subject matter of “my health”, or even “health” in general, as much as possible, and instead put their focus on anything else that might feel good, for example an interesting hobby or their new girlfriend.

Meanwhile, of course, whenever they find themselves in negative thoughts and emotions about their own health, they must learn to practice various soothing techniques, so that their stressful emotional situation can be gradually softened.

So the general recommendation is this: One must develop a care-free and relaxed attitude in terms of one’s “illness” or “disease” or “condition”. This may, admittedly, be hard for most people at N2 (“medium negativity”) or N1 (“weak negativity”), but that is the work.

And at the same one must also realize that in order for the Law of Attraction to work, one has to abandon all “sloppy thinking” and appreciate that there are many details one must get right in order for it to work. And one must, of course, always do the exercises, every day, and in the way that they are prescribed, in order to actually get some positive momentum going.

Thinking That Law of Attraction Is About Exclusion

Many people who are suffering from some sort of physical condition have this natural desire to “get rid of” their disease or illness.

And in that same spirit they talk about “healing” that physical condition or “escaping” from that disease, whatever it may be. So they want to remove it from their body.

But because the Law of Attraction is an additive process that includes, not a subtractive process that excludes, they fail in their attempts to manifest better health for themselves.

In other words, you cannot think the thought “I want my disease to go away”. For as soon as you set your focus on the word “disease” (and perhaps feel strong emotion about it at the same time), the Law of Attraction will bring more of that disease to you, according to the 17-second rule.

So the basic idea of the Law of Attraction is that it is based on attention and focusing. And that is why we, as students of the Law of Attraction, must avoid, as much as possible, to think about and talk about and write about negative things. For if we do put our inner spotlight on such negative things, they will manifest in our life experience.

And that will simply play out either as a re-manifestation of your current disease (which is why it is “chronic”, if you have had it for a long time), or as a new manifestation of some other disease. In order to get better, one has to gradually abandon as many negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions as possible, not only about health, but about all other things as well. That is the work.

So one must develop a sincere, authentic positivity about one’s life and everything about it in order to succeed with the Law of Attraction.

One must also keep in mind that the purpose of life includes joy and happiness. In other words, even if protesting against some perceived “injustice” may be thought of as a “purpose” of life, or that it “gives meaning” to life, the ultimate litmus test for a student of Law of Attraction is whether or not it feels good to do it.

And by that I do not mean in an ethical or moral sense, or in a “summary” sense (e.g., “I am helping those who cannot help themselves, so I feel good about doing this”, etc.), but in purely selfish, momentary, emotional terms: Do you feel great in the moment when you are complaining or protesting or shouting or arguing or fighting? Probably not. So it should be avoided. It’s simple. Don’t confuse “angry action” with “joyful action”.

Thinking That Focusing on Symptoms Is Okay

One of the main culprits is the tendency to watch what is happening in your daily life. For most people, the usual way of going about things is to observe one’s symptoms over and over, and complain about them, with a general attitude of “I can’t stand it” or “it’s getting worse”, etc.

This bad attitude, and this bad observational habit, are not helpful in terms of manifesting better health. You cannot put your attention on your current physical condition, unless your current physical condition is really pleasing to you.

So the more you focus on your chronic pain or your irritating allergy, etc., the worse off you are. You have to, somehow, distract yourself from the current condition, so that more health can come to you.

For more health is already on the way. You have already automatically launched your desires for excellent health when you got ill. So help is on the way. The work is done by Source, who has prepared the delivery of excellent health to you.

But you have to be able to let it in. You have to learn to transmit an “I’m feeling good” signal, so that the Law of Attraction can dispatch all that excellent health that is prepared for you.

So if you don’t transmit an “I’m feeling good” signal, then you may never experience that excellent health. If your “delivery address” is not “I’m feeling good”, then the mailman will not deliver that package with excellent health. No other signal than that is accepted for that particular package.

Therefore, your focus must be to disregard, somehow, your current troublesome physical condition, so that you can blossom into a person who is feeling good most of the time, despite your condition.

Thinking That You MUST Succeed Manifesting

One problematic attitude is that one MUST succeed to physically manifest a more healthy body.

There may be different reason for why one “must” succeed in such a manifestation. One may be that one’s illness is severe and that there is some anxiety in regard to death involved. Or that one’s disease is downright painful, or irritating.

But sometimes there is also others reasons. One reason may be that the person in question is “going to show them” that Law of Attraction works. So there is, in some cases, a desire (perhaps from anger) to show other people (who don’t believe in the Law of Attraction) that it is certainly possible to manifest whatever they want.

So there are various reasons why one “must” succeed with a physical manifestation. And some of these reasons may severely limit one’s chances for success.

For if one is not only worried about one’s health and its recovery, but also are worried about the potential “failure to perform” for the friends and family (who don’t believe in the Law of Attraction), one is certainly not making it easy for oneself.

The right attitude is that there is no “must”. As soon as you “must” do it, there is pressure and stress and some level of anxiety involved. So a successful student of the Law of Attraction typically must develop a mood of relaxation and non-urgency about his whole “being-on-this-planet” thing. Life is supposed to be fun and interesting and rewarding, and it must always feel good (with some dips here and there, of course). If it isn’t feeling good, we are not on the right track.

In short, we cannot be attached to the gross physical result. What we should be attached to, however, is the fine-physical result (the change of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions). For if we get experts at creating more good-feeling thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, then we are on the way to a gross physical manifestation as well.

In other words, if we are not manifesting good-feeling thoughts, beliefs, and feelings about our health, then it will typically be difficult for the gross physical manifestations to appear at all.

So by first developing a good-feeling inner world, where we are joyful and happy most of the time, we pave the way for physical manifestations to appear. And since we are joyful and happy anyway, our “demand” that the manifestations “must” appear will be less.

Thinking “Where Is My Improved Health?”

There is no doubt about it: In today’s fast-moving climate, people don’t want to wait for results. Whether the “limit” is one, or two, or three weeks, or whether it’s one, or two, or three months, the story is the same: there is a certain “deadline” when most people’s patience run out, and their Law of Attraction experiment is over (without success, in most cases).

While I am not a proponent of “patience” per se, it’s usually counterproductive to put a time limit or a deadline on a manifestation. For a time limit or a deadline is linked to “efficiency” and “productivity” and other such stressful ideas.

And manifestations have a tendency to stay away as soon as there is some pressure for it to appear. So the time limit may actually prevent the manifestation from coming.

Therefore, as a general rule, time limits should not be applied. The exception is, of course, if you want to manifest something that you absolutely don’t care about whether it manifests or not. So since you don’t care about it, there is also much less resistance. So then it may actually show up quite quickly.

However, as soon as you care (deeply) about those things you want to manifest (such as your lack of health, for instance), you need to focus on playing down that “need” for recovery, and just feel good anyway.

If you are seriously ill, this is an indication that you most probably are in N2 (“medium negativity”). And if that is the case, it will take you considerable time to soothen yourself out of that state, so that you gradually can work your way up to N1 (“weakly negative”) and then later move yourself up to N1 (“weak positivity”), where your condition most probably will have dissipated considerably.

Also note that the question “Where Is My Improved Health?” is a typical way to express one’s eagerness for results. And that has to stop.

This is because questions such as that (“Why Am I Not Cured Yet?”, “Does Law of Attraction Really Work?, etc.) are FAR away from a healthy vibrational state. Such nervous questions simply prolong one’s stay in the negative territory.

So the student of the Law of Attraction must bide his time, stop asking these questions, and continue soothing himself or herself, until he or she can enter into the positive half of the NP spectrum. This is the point of full self-acceptance, and the start of increasing self-love.

For a person at N2 (“medium negativity”), moving up the NP spectrum to P1 (“weak positivity”) may take many months to do, even years in some cases.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to leave “time” out of the equation altogether. Focus on what’s feeling good, not on what’s feeling bad. [note 1]

You can have pain or discomfort and be hopeful about it (which then paves the way for better health), or you can feel pain or discomfort and be mad about it (which then paves the way for worse health). It’s your choice.


There are many variables when it comes to succeeding with the Law of Attraction. So for those who want to improve their health and well-being, it is prudent to try to understand exactly what we need to think and believe and feel in order not to sabotage our own progress and recovery.

So success with the Law of Attraction really is completely dependent on a very detailed and precise implementation of the various exercises that are to be done every day. There is zero latitude for “sloppy thinking”. For Law of Attraction is all about “controlling” or “steering” one’s thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

It’s just like driving: One must accept the basic idea to stay on the road. And one must accept to use the steering wheel and the pedals and gear shift to do so. And most important, there is zero scope for any loss of focusing: you have to watch the road at all times and not get distracted by other things. If you don’t, you’ll end up in the ditch, possibly permanently.

Chris Bocay


  1. Leaving time out of the equation may be difficult for many. For the typical attitude is that “I am going to use the Law of Attraction to do this, and then when I’ve got it, I don’t have to do it anymore”. So the typical approach is not “pure”: the goal is just to get what you want, and then not do it anymore. And that approach seldom works. A better approach is to accept it as a part of one’s normal life, and use it to one’s advantage, in order to create more happiness in one’s life, regardless of physical manifestations. For if one just can create more happiness in one’s life, physical manifestations MUST follow. It is law.

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