All Is Well: March 2022 Report

This monthly report for March 2022 covers all new developments on, including new and revised articles, book reviews, Dear Chris posts, etc.

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March 2022 went really well here at

During March, I produced fifteen new posts, including ten blog posts, two articles, one book review, and two topic posts. On top of that, I also wrote the February 2022 Report post.

All in all, this is approximately the same amount of material as I published in February 2022 (sixteen new posts), but substantially more than in January 2022 (eleven new posts).


At position number 3, we have my book review on The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. I think this can be really useful for those who want an introduction to the Law of Attraction, and who want a book in which many different authors contribute with various points of view. However, I do not think that this book is on the same level as the books by Abraham-Hicks or Seth, but I still think that it is useful as an introduction to the art of deliberate creation.

At position number 2, we have my fantastic article about Seth’s view on Darwin and Darwinian evolution. This is an important piece of writing, which hopefully will make the sincere student of the Law of Attraction less enthusiastic about Darwin’s (and the scientific establishment’s) endless speculations about the biology of evolution, and instead increase his or her confidence in the validity of the philosophy of the Law of Attraction.

At position number 1, there is my nice article about why one should be interested in acquiring self-love. This article is important, because self-love is such a big part of the project of Law of Attraction. We are lovers by nature, not haters. So we just have to remove all those layers of “emotional blockers”, so that we can reinstate our true loving attitude, as soon as ever possible. So by asking questions such as “Why Come into Alignment?” and “Is Pursuing Self-Love Always Good” I am trying to help the reader realize that self-love is the way to go.

New Blog Posts

I published ten new blog posts in March:

  1. What Does the Word ‘Appreciation’ Mean? – Thu 3 Mar 2022
  2. More on the Meaning of the Word ‘Appreciation’ – Fri 4 Mar 2022
  3. Abraham-Hicks on the Meaning of ‘Appreciation’ – Sun 6 Mar 2022
  4. Softening Your Non-Positive Belief Wall with an Add-On Technique – Mon 7 Mar 2022
  5. Stop Studying Statistics: The Virtue of Leaving Epidemiology Research to Others – Thu 10 Mar 2022
  6. Let’s Not Save the World – Thu 17 Mar 2022
  7. Yes” Principle of the Law of Attraction – Mon 21 Mar 2022
  8. Top 5 Ways to Attract More Money with the Law of Attraction – Wed 23 Mar 2022
  9. Law of Attraction in Action: Google and the “No-Means-Yes” Principle – Mon 28 Mar 2022
  10. Why Reach for More Self-Love? – Wed 30 Mar 2022

Updated/Revised Blog Posts

I did not substantially revise any blog posts during March. Only minor changes have been done, such as fixing spelling errors and/or doing some limited copy-editing.


New Articles

I published two new articles in March:

  1. On ‘Appreciation’ in Positive Psychology – Tue 8 Mar 2022
  2. Seth on Darwin and Darwinian Evolution – Sun 27 Mar 2022

Updated/Revised Articles

No articles have been substantially revised in March.


New Book Reviews

I published one new book review in March:

  1. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne – Tue 29 Mar 2022

Updated/Revised Book Reviews

I did not substantially revise any book reviews in March.


New Dear Chris Posts

I did not publish any new “Dear Chris” posts in March.

Updated/Revised Dear Chris Posts

I did not substantially revise any “Dear Chris” posts in March.


New Topic Posts

I published two new “Topic” posts in March:

  1. Appreciation (Topic) – Wed 9 Mar 2022
  2. The Negativity-Positivity Spectrum (Topic) – Sat 12 Mar 2022

Updated/Revised Topic Posts

I did not revise any Topic posts in March.


New Static Pages

Three new static pages were reintroduced in March. These are:

  1. All Content: By Type
  2. All Content: By Area
  3. All Content: By Date

These new pages are reintroduced after being “paused” for a while.

The purpose of these pages is two-fold. First, to give the user a better overview of the material on the site, and the capability of having three ways to find what could be of potential interest to read: By Type, By Area, and By Date.

Another purpose for these pages is to provide “completeness” for the crawling and indexing procedures done by the search engines. Thus, these pages effectively also work as a complement to the separately submitted sitemaps.

Updated/Revised Static Pages

I did not revise any static pages in March.

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