Top 5 Ways to Attract More Money with the Law of Attraction

Titlepic: Top 5 Ways to Attract More Money with Law of Attraction

In order to attract more financial abundance into our experience we have to build the right attitude towards money. Here are some thoughts and suggestions that may help you bring more money into your own life.

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Most people dream of more money. But few actually get to the point where they realize it, making it appear in their “real lives”.

So in this blog post I am going to cover some of the most important things to think about for those of you who want to invite more money into your lives. Hopefully this will make you succeed with your Law of Attraction practices.

Thoughts Create Our Life-World

The first thing we have to really understand, and really “bring home”, once and for all, is that thoughts actually create our whole world, both metaphorically and literally. This is true on the scale of the planet, and this is true on the scale of our individual lives.

That understanding has always been there, even before we “landed” on this beautiful planet, according to Abraham-Hicks. And that understanding is also still within us, buried under all of our “social conditioning” that our meetings and exchanges with other (also “socially conditioned”) people have created.

This is why they say (Ask and It Is Given, p. 12):

“But still, within you today lives the knowledge that you are the creator of your own life experience, that absolute freedom exists as the basis of your true experience, and that ultimately the creation of your life experience is absolutely and only up to you.”

So whatever we are thinking will affect our lives in some way, shape or form. If we think that we are “irresistible”, then that will create a completely different reality for us than if we think that we are “losers”.

Thus, in order to really get anywhere in terms of gross manifestations (money, cars, relationships, jobs, etc.), we have to realize that everything we think will create our world.

So it’s not that only the “good thoughts” manifest themselves into real things in our own life experience. Also all of our “bad thoughts” manifest themselves into real things in our own life experience.

Thus, you have to think (and feel good about the thought) that you are loved, before you can get loved; you have to think (and feel good about the thought) that you are successful before you can become successful.

So now let’s look at the top five ways to realize more money.

Leave the Topic

Most people that want more money have a lot of resistance on that very same topic. They may wish that they have more money, but they are not really “feeling it”, in the sense of it being a positive experience.

Instead, they are “feeling it” from the negative point of view, where they are worried, or angry, or envious of other people having enormous monetary resources at their disposal. And that is, of course, a point of view that will lead them nowhere, in terms of positive manifestations of actual money and wealth.

Thus, being on the wrong side of the negativity-positivity spectrum (on the topic of money) is utterly non-productive. From there, there is little opportunity to make positive affirmations work. It’s a no-go situation.

So the best thing, for most people in such a situation, is to cool off, and just leave the subject matter of money altogether.

This means then, practically speaking, that there is no room (at all) to think about money, to talk about money, to discuss money with friends or family, or with your coworkers, or with anyone else. You must also not write about money, or blog about money, or read about money.

Instead, spend your time feeling good about other things. Maybe your cute cat needs some more love and affection? Or maybe your fantastic stamp collection needs some nice reorganization to look even better? Or maybe those beautiful red roses in your lovely garden would grow even better with some new soil, or with some extra minerals?

Whatever really feels good to you, is good for you. So go do it. Fill your life with joy and happiness by doing those things you really love. And avoid, for now, the topic of “money” (which currently doesn’t make you feel good).

Freedom, Not Money

If you cannot stay away from the idea that you have to focus on something that “topically” has to do with money and abundance explicitly to get it, then you may choose to think positive thoughts about freedom instead.

Why would that help? Well, one reason is that most people think of freedom as a synonym to “money”. So when we picture ourselves spending those wonderful vacations in the Bahamas, we don’t have to enter into any discussions (with ourselves, or with others) of exactly how we are getting there (i.e. we are not thinking “how much money does it cost?”).

So what we are doing is just showing ourselves (in our daydream) “the solution”, “the desired state”. We are just enjoying our internal show, where we have the freedom to go anywhere and everywhere we like. And we simply love it!

Show Me the Freedom!

Many of us remember the the expression “Show me the money!” as Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr demonstrated it in the 1996 movie Jerry Maguire. But instead of using that expression, I would instead recommend saying (to yourself, as a reminder) the sentence “Show me the freedom!”

This then might trigger either the wish to do another one of your pleasurable daydreaming exercises, as I talked about earlier. Or, it might trigger a wish to verify that you really are free.

And what do I mean by that? I mean that there is a way to show yourself that you really are completely free, just as you thought before you came here to planet Earth. And it is built upon the ideas in the first passage that I quoted from Abraham-Hicks, above:

“…absolute freedom exists as the basis of your true experience…”

And how shall we understand that? Well, once again, it is about the idea that you are the creator of your own experience. And it’s about mastering those creative powers.

So the way to feel that unlimited freedom is to feel the force of your creative powers. You must verify, to yourself, that you really have (almost) unlimited abilities to create, and that those (almost) unlimited abilities can be realized by the power of your positive thoughts.

Therefore Abraham-Hicks say (The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, p. 248):

“You are free. But the only way you will ever perceive that freedom is by understanding that you have the ability to feel good, no matter what.”

So by practicing the process of “Incrementally Feeling Better”, one can verify, for oneself, that one is truly free.

Thus, if one knows the practical tactic of how to always be able to recover from bad feelings and immediately improve one’s vibration so that it becomes more positive, then one has really found true freedom.

And since “freedom” and “money” are synonymous, more money is surely on its way.

More Money Is Possible

If we cannot avoid the subject matter of “money” altogether (as I just recommended in “Leave the Topic” above), then it might be time to really start knowing that “more money is possible“.

The possibility of more money is a very important subject matter. For if we are not completely convinced that more money is possible, then more money has little chance of ever being manifested.

And the crucial thing is also to make that statement more personal. So it’s not just that “more money is possible, in general”, or that “more money is possible, for someone”, but we have to start believing that “more money is possible for me“.

In other words, “It is in my world that money is possible, if I only can make myself truly believe that it is possible”.

However, it may not be that “more money is possible for me, right now”, for it depends on one’s vibration. So it may take a while before one can reach the state of mind where one really believes, with one’s whole being, that “more money is possible for me, right now”, and where one really feels good about that thought, without any accompanying worries or other negative thoughts.

But getting there may not be so easy. And this is especially so if one starts out thinking that it is basically impossible to manifest more money. But it can be done, theoretically, if one is very attentive to details, as well as to one’s own emotions and feelings.

The other thing that is important is also that one cannot be in a rush. We cannot think that we have a lack of time. As Abraham-Hicks say (in Money, and the Law of Attraction, p. 82):

“Whether you are focused upon the lack of money or the lack of time, you are still focused upon the lack of something you want and therefore holding yourself in resistance to the things you really want.”

So we must always think (and feel!) “abundance”. We must come to a point where we know that we have an abundance of time, and an abundance of money, at our disposal.

Stop Needing Money

As I have pointed out previously in my post called “Stop Needing, Start Wanting: Moving from Problem to Solution“, the serious student of Law of Attraction has to learn that there is a difference between the idea of “wanting something” and “needing something”.

“Needing something” implies that that one does not already have it. But if you are convinced that you don’t have that something, how will you ever get it? It cannot happen.

Thus, if you “need money”, you must be convinced that you don’t have money, or that you don’t have enough of it, or something like that. People who already have millions or billions of dollars don’t really “need money” in any strong sense of the word.

So the sentence “I need money” then indicates a lack of money. Of course it also indicates a desire to get that money. But the vibration of lack is too prominent in the combination of these things.

This has the effect that the desire is “overshadowed”, or nullified, or lessened, by the lack. For there is no clear direction of the total vibration. The whole situation is like a tug of war: the “desire” team pulls the rope in one direction, while the “lack” team pulls it in the other direction.

The “recipe” then is to produce a clean desire, a clean motivation. We do not want money because we are broke, or because we cannot pay our bills. Rather, the only reason why we want money is simply because it’s fun to have money and it feels good: it enables our freedom, and our possibilities of a happy, joyful life.


So there you have it. These five ideas are fundamental for any serious student of the Law of Attraction.

I am sincerely hoping that some of these processes might practically help you in finding all that money and freedom that you are searching for.

Also remember that any activity that feels like a “struggle” is not helping you in the long run. Your (simulation of an) abundance-filled life must feel easy, fun, and wonderful.

So it’s a good idea to foster an attitude of being relaxed and easygoing about all things, including all of the various processes that I have talked about above.

As Abraham-Hicks usually says: “There’s nothing serious going on here [on planet Earth] anyway”. So just learn to also chill out more!

Chris Bocay


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