Looking Good: February 2022 Report

Titlepic: Looking Good: February 2022 Report

This monthly report for February 2022 covers all new developments on chrisbocay.com, including new and revised articles, book reviews, Dear Chris posts, etc.



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February 2022 went smoothly here at chrisbocay.com.

I managed to produce sixteen new posts, including eleven blog posts, two book reviews, two Dear Chris posts, and one topic post. On top of that, I also managed to revise one old Dear Chris post.

All in all, this is substantially more new content than in January 2022.


When I now look back at the articles I posted in February, I rate the following three as my best ones.

At position number 3, we have my two book reviews, both of which are equally good, but for different reasons. My review on I Know What You’re Thinking is good because I really like Lillian Glass’s take on the whole issue. So I think my review is important, for it gives readers a chance to discover her book.

My review on The Seven Spiritual Laws is good because it provides some new insights on why this book may not be suitable for those who are searching for an altogether correct account on the Law of Attraction. So although Chopra’s title indeed does have its positive sides, also as a loose introductory text on the Law of Attraction, it cannot really compare with Byrne’s The Secret, or with really authoritative books such as Abraham-Hicks’s Ask and It Is Given, or Seth’s The Nature of Personal Reality.

At position number 2, we have my post that deals with the question of whether meaning and purpose is enough for a satisfying life experience, or whether joy and happiness also always must be in the mix. For me this was an important realization, and I think this article may be helpful to many others who may be struggling in various ways to make life a more satisfying experience.

At position 1, at the very top, is my article on selfishness. I am here discussing some of the ideas of the well-known philosopher and political activist Simone Weil, and I am concluding that we must become more broadly selfish in order to really thrive. In other words, we must not just be physically selfish (e.g., getting food on the table every day), but we must also adopt a kind of emotional selfishness, so that we can maintain and increase our own happiness and well-being along our journey. This is a very important topic for a student who wants to succeed with Law of Attraction.


New Blog Posts

I published thirteen new blog posts in February:

  1. How Can I Know That My Desired Manifestation Is On Its Way? – Tue 1 Feb 2022
  2. Turn Thy Cheek: Ignoring Negative Experiences for Quicker Manifestations – Wed 2 Feb 2022
  3. Stop Needing, Start Wanting: Moving from Problem to Solution – Thu 3 Feb 2022
  4. Plan C: Happily Escaping Non-Positive Thoughts and Emotions – Sat 5 Feb 2022
  5. Desires, Beliefs, and Vibrational Relativity – Mon 7 Feb 2022
  6. Thoughts and the “Point of Attraction” – Wed 9 Feb 2022
  7. Aristotle on Pride – Mon 14 Feb 2022
  8. Meaning and Purpose without Joy: Is It Worth It? – Sat 19 Feb 2022
  9. True Positivity, Not Superficial Positivity, Is the Way to a Better Life – Tue 22 Feb 2022
  10. Your Belief Wall: Does It Support Your Desired Manifestations? – Sat 26 Feb 2022
  11. Is Physical Selfishness More Natural Than Emotional Selfishness? – Mon 28 Feb 2022

Updated/Revised Blog Posts

I did not substantially revise any blog posts during February. Only minor changes have been done, such as fixing spelling errors and/or doing some limited copy-editing.


New Articles

I have not published any new articles in February.

Updated/Revised Articles

No articles have been substantially revised in February.


New Book Reviews

I published two new book reviews in February:

  1. Book Review: I Know What You’re Thinking by Lillian Glass – Sun 6 Feb 2022
  2. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra – Wed 16 Feb 2022

Updated/Revised Book Reviews

I did not substantially revise any book reviews in February.


New Dear Chris Posts

I published two new “Dear Chris” posts in February:

  1. Dear Chris: What Must I Do To Manifest My New Car? – Thu 10 Feb 2022
  2. Dear Chris: How Can I Stop My Nightmares? – Tue 15 Feb 2022

Updated/Revised Dear Chris Posts

I published one revised “Dear Chris” post in February:

  1. Dear Chris: Abraham-Hicks’ 17-Second Rule Doesn’t Work for Me! – Thu 24 Feb 2022


New Topic Posts

I published one new “Topic” post in February:

  1. Point of Attraction (Topic) – Fri 25 Feb 2022

Updated/Revised Topic Posts

I did not revise any Topic posts in February.


New Pages

No new static pages were published in February.

Updated/Revised Pages

I did not revise any static pages in February.

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