How Can I Know That My Desired Manifestation Is On Its Way?

Titlepic: How Can I Know That My Desired Manifestation Is On Its Way?

This article is about the often-asked question: How can I know that the Law of Attraction works? Where is the evidence of my desired manifestation?

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I think it is fair to say that many students of the Law of Attraction at one point or another have asked themselves questions such as these: “Where is that manifestation of mine that I desire so much? Why hasn’t it appeared yet, after all this time? Where is the evidence that the whole process actually works, anyway?”

These are questions that have popped up in my own mind many times, and they are really important for us students of Law of Attraction to be able to answer swiftly (within seconds), so that our mind does not “flip out” too much, and becomes too negative. The sooner we are able to counter those critical questions, the sooner we can get back to our positive path of deliberate creation.

Post-Manifestational Evidence

In terms of finding support for the idea that “the Law of Attraction works”, there are usually two ways to do that. One type is post-manifestational, and the other is pre-manifestational.

Post-manifestational evidence includes gross physical objects, which are easily identified by our five senses (smell, touch, vision, hearing, tasting).

So if we wanted to manifest, say, a new car, that car will typically be seen (as it stands in the parking lot), and it also can be experienced from inside (we can smell the new leather, hear the motor, and touch the steering wheel, etc.).

Gross physical objects are normally quite easy to spot. But of course, if we already have succeeded in manifesting a car like that, then our mind would have much less reason to be rebellious and demand evidence for that the Law of Attraction works. For in this situation, the evidence is right before our eyes.

Thus, post-manifestational evidence is “hard” proof for that the Law of Attraction works. Or at least “hard enough” proof for that the Law of Attraction works, in terms of being able to prevent that the mind “flips out”. So as long as we can produce post-manifestational evidence, we are in a very good situation.

Pre-Manifestational Evidence

Now, the real “challenge” when it comes to evidence is when we are discussing pre-manifestational evidence–the non-gross physical evidence. What do I mean by that?

Well, I simply mean that there are indications even before the gross physical objects appear. But we may not know that; we may not understand those indications as pre-manifestational evidence.

So what constitutes pre-manifestational evidence? Well, simply put, it is our direct sensing of our emotions. In fact, Abraham-Hicks tells us in their The Astonishing Power of Emotions (p. 20):

“Beyond the five physical senses that you are actively aware of, there is another less-realized sense–the sense of emotion.”

So while post-manifestational evidence can be experienced with our five gross senses, the pre-manifestational evidence can be experienced though our sixth sense, our emotions.

Aside: Emotions and Thoughts

Note, however, that emotions, and thoughts, actually are manifestations in themselves as well. So we have emotions and thoughts because we have manifested them by virtue of our desires. So, in a sense, also emotions and thoughts are post-manifestational evidence, but we may say that they are “fine-physical” in nature.

In other words, when I am talking about pre- and post-manifestational evidence here in this blog post, I am referring everything to gross physical objects, not fine-physical. So emotions and thoughts can be thought of as pre-manifestational evidence in the sense that there is no gross physical object manifested yet.

How to Read Our Emotions

Although there are many details that we must be aware when it comes to being able to succeed with manifestations, one thing is clear: it is a mental process. That is, it is not a “physical activity” process.

By learning to deliberately “steer” your thoughts and emotions in particular ways, you also become a master of using Law of Attraction. But that is, as many students of the Law of Attraction have experienced, not a very simple or easy thing to do.

But the “short version” of that story is this: whenever you feel positive emotion about a certain subject, then you are closer to a gross physical manifestation that if you feel negative emotion about the same subject. And the better you feel, the closer to the manifestation you are.

So if you are thinking (and feeling) things like 1) “I feel fat”, or 2) “I must go on a diet”, you are nowhere near a manifestation of a thinner you. In such a case, one of the things you might want to do is to immediately start with a modification of those thoughts (sentences), so that you can feel the relief.

One way to get some relief is to change those thoughts (sentences) to say this instead: 1) “Maybe I do feel a little fat right now, but I also now know that I can feel better gradually by thinking better thoughts”, 2) “Actually, I must not go on a diet; the only thing I must do is to devote more time to change my sentences about my body, so that I can start feeling better, more and more”.

And then, from thereon, you can continue to improve those thoughts (sentences) even further, and pushing them gradually into the realm of more and more positivity. And when all (or most of) your thoughts about that subject matter are positive, you will feel (using your sixth sense, your emotions) much better when you think those sentences.


Students of the Law of Attraction must “forget” about wanting to see the result before they can get happy. They must stop asking “Where is the evidence?” and instead work on improving their thoughts and emotions.

According to Abraham-Hicks, your emotions let you know, at all times, the state of your desired manifestation: the better you feel, the closer it is to be manifested; the worse you feel, the farther away it is to be manifested.

Best of luck with your “thought and emotion” work, and with your manifestations!

Chris Bocay


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First published: Tue 1 Feb 2022
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