More Momentum: April 2022 Report

Titlepic: More Momentum: April 2022 Report

This monthly report for April 2022 covers all new developments on, such as new and revised articles, book reviews, Dear Chris posts, etc.



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April 2022 went smoothly here at

I produced nine new posts, including two blog posts, five articles, and two book reviews. And I also produced the Report post for March 2022.

All in all, this number of posts is significantly less than in February (sixteen new posts) and March (fifteen new posts).

However, the big difference here is in the quality of the articles. Since my general strategy for the future is to produce the highest quality posts, it practically means that each article takes substantially longer to write.

The difference (for me) is this. A medium-length blog post may take a day or two to write. But when making a text longer, as well as more planned, well-researched, and structured, as well as containing many quotes and references, and perhaps (hand-crafted) pictures and graphs to go with it, etc., it will take many days to produce.

Therefore, I am very pleased that I was able to produce five high-quality articles in April, and also still was able to publish yet another four posts (two blog posts and two book reviews), which also were of quite high quality.

This indicates, to me, that learning how to apply the Law of Attraction very well may contribute to increased flow and efficiency, and to simultaneous feelings of happiness, joy, and a sense of accomplishment.


When looking back at my posts for the month of April, my three best posts are these.

Starting from the end (at position number 3) is my new article about how to become better at loving yourself. It’s not very academic in style, but more of a hands-on type of article. I think this piece could potentially help lots of people to increase their self-love.

At position number 2, we have my new article about the seven characteristics of people with low self-esteem. Although this article comes with academic references, it is intended to be used by ordinary people who can use it as a diagnostic tool to see where their “level” of self-esteem is currently at.

At position number 1, we have my article on the history of the emergence of the academic field of positive psychology. This is an important piece of work, because it is, to my knowledge, the only scholarly article about the evolution, and manifestation, of the discipline of positive psychology where authors of the Law of Attraction are given any proper credit.


New Blog Posts

I published two new blog posts in April:

  1. Why Do I Not Have More Self-Love? – Mon 5 Apr 2022
  2. Chris Bocay on Positive Self-Realization – Thu 28 Apr 2022

Updated/Revised Blog Posts

I did not substantially revise any blog posts in April. I only did some smaller adjustments, such as fixing spelling errors and/or doing some limited copy-editing.


New Articles

I published five new articles in April:

  1. What Does the Word ‘Self-Esteem’ Mean? – Fri 8 Apr 2022
  2. More on the Meaning of the Word ‘Self-Esteem’ – Tue 12 Apr 2022
  3. How Do I Increase My Self-Love? – Thu 14 Apr 2022
  4. The 7 Common Traits of People with Low Self-Esteem – Sat 16 Apr 2022
  5. Positive Psychology – The Forerunners – Thu 21 Apr 2022

Updated/Revised Articles

No articles have been substantially revised in April.


New Book Reviews

I published two new book reviews in April:

  1. Self-Esteem Bible by Gael Lindenfield – Fri 15 Apr 2022
  2. The Biblical View of Self Esteem, Self-Love, and Self-Image by Jay E. Adams – Thu 28 Apr 2022

Updated/Revised Book Reviews

I did not substantially revise any book reviews in April.


New Dear Chris Posts

I did not publish any new “Dear Chris” posts in April.

Updated/Revised Dear Chris Posts

I did not substantially revise any “Dear Chris” posts in April.


New Topic Posts

I did not publish any “Topic” posts in April.

Updated/Revised Topic Posts

I did not revise any Topic posts in April.


New Static Pages

Two new static pages were introduced in April. These are:

  1. Build Confidence and Self-Esteem
  2. Discover More Positivity and Optimism

These new “Themes” pages are accessible from two places. One place is from from the leftmost column on the home page, where the six main themes are introduced to new visitors:

A screenshot of the home page and its 'Website Themes' area, with links to the 'Build Confidence and Self-Esteem' and 'Discover More Positivity and Optimism' pages.
Figure 1. The ‘Website Themes’ area on the Chris Bocay home page, with blue clickable links to the ‘Build Confidence and Self-Esteem’ and ‘Discover More Positivity and Optimism’ pages.

Another place is from the menu item called “Themes”, on the top menu bar, which is visible on any page:

A screenshot of the 'Themes' menu on, with its two menu items 'Build Confidence and Self-Esteem' and 'Discover More Positivity and Optimism'.
Figure 2. The ‘Themes’ dropdown menu, currently with two choices: go to the ‘Build Confidence and Self-Esteem’ page, or go to the ‘Discover More Positivity and Optimism’ page.

Updated/Revised Static Pages

I did not revise any static pages in April.

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