Self-Realization (Topic)

Titlepic: Self-Realization (Topic)

This page contains a collection of links to existing (and planned) articles on the topic of “self-realization”, in Western thought, Indian thought, and Chinese thought.

KEYWORDS: perfection, philosophy of religion, psychology, self-actualization, self-development, self-improvement, self-realization, siddhi, spirituality.



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General Articles on Self-Realization:

Self-Realization (General): Discusses the most general, non-technical, non-specialized meaning of self-realization.

Perspectives on Self-Realization: This article covers different perspectives on self-realization, in terms of which concept or topic self-realization is focusing on.

Self-Realization and the Meaning of Life: This article is self-realization and “the meaning of life”. It is a general “sketch” of my new theory about “the game of life”.

Self-Realization vs. Self-Actualization: This (planned) article describes some of the differences in meaning, and in usage, of the words “self-realization” and “self-actualization”.

Chris Bocay’s Positive Self-Realization

Chris Bocay on Positive Self-Realization: This first, introductory article on Chris Bocay’s system of Positive Self-Realization (PSR) outlines some of the main things that a student of PSR should focus on.

Self-Realization in Western Thought:

Self-Realization As God’s Own Revelation
Self-Realization: Private Endeavor or Collective Enterprise?
Self-Realization: Philosophy vs Psychology
Coleridge on Self-Realization
Bradley on Self-Realization
Illingworth on Self-Realization

Self-Realization in Indian Thought:

Self-Realization in Hinduism
Self-Realization in Buddhism
Self-Realization as Moksha
Self-Realization as Surrender to Krishna
Self-Realization as Nirvana
Self-Realization as Atman Realization

Self-Realization in Chinese Thought:

Self-Realization as Self-Cultivation

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