What 6 Things Must I Believe to Stop My Negative Emotions?

Titlepic: What 6 Things Must I Believe to Stop My Negative Emotions?

This article is about stopping negative emotions: Which particular thoughts and beliefs must I have to be successful? 

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Here in this blog post I will try to describe some of the more important beliefs that we must have in order to be successful in stopping negative emotions. This is a basic requirement for all of those who want to succeed with the practical aspects of the Law of Attraction.

Note that these beliefs are not the only requirement for stopping our negative emotions. We also must practically engage in various types of action, and, in particular, in certain types of mental activities, such as “self-talk”, “decision-making” and “defeating bad arguments”, etc.

Also to be noted is that there is a very small group of people who seemingly are able to control their own negative emotions quite successfully without any (theoretical) knowledge of the law of attraction. So this blog post is mainly for those who are not in that small group.

Law of Attraction

In order for us to succeed in controlling our negative emotions, the most general and basic belief that we must have is that the law of attraction is real and true.

By believing in the law of attraction, we accept the principle that “like attracts like”. And we especially note that here that it is essentially about thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

But using the phrase “like attracts like” in this connection is not meant to point to principles such as “redheads attract redheads” or “blondes attract blondes”, in a ‘physical looks’ kind-of-way.

Rather, when I am talking about “like attracts like” in a law of attraction sense, I am referring to thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, all of which can be said to be “vibrations”.

So the idea then is that “thoughts attract (similar) thoughts”, “beliefs attract (similar) beliefs” and “emotions attract (similar) emotions”.

Emotional Steering

Another basic belief we must have (in order to control our negative emotions) is that it is, at all, possible to control our negative emotions, in the sense of hindering them to gain in intensity, or in the sense of making (or letting) them “abate”.

So the main idea here is that we must firmly believe something like “my emotions CAN be guided”, and that such a guidance effectively can help us to escape negative emotional territory.

It is important to note here that the guidance may be provided in various forms, and by various “agents”. So you may either guide yourself, or let someone else (or something else) guide you. But either way, there is a method to the “madness” (actually several methods).

Another point worth noting is that of “making it happen” versus “letting it happen”. These are not always contrary in meaning to each other.

For one may “let it happen” by doing certain things. But although one does these certain things (and thus seemingly “makes” something happen), one may nevertheless also allow, or let, other things to manifest (or de-manifest).

The main point, however, is that our emotions are controllable. This means that we have the power to take charge in our own life, to guide ourselves away from negative emotions and pave the way for our own happiness and well-being.

Negative Emotion Is a Warning Signal

Another basic belief we must accept (if we want to be able to control our negative emotions) is that negative emotion is a “warning” signal, telling us about our emotional health.

But it is not just that we have to accept the idea that “negative emotion is a warning signal.” We also have to believe in the idea that “I must act if my emotions are telling me bad things about my emotional health”.

So then the question becomes: “When do my emotions tell me bad things about my emotional health?” (i.e., “When do I need to act?”) The answer is, “When I experience (prolonged) negative emotion”.

Thus, another idea we must (firmly) believe is “When I experience (prolonged) negative emotion, I must somehow escape“.

How Do I Escape?

Believing in the idea that “when I experience (prolonged) negative emotion, I must somehow escape” is naturally a very good think in itself. But it is not enough, on its own.

For what is the use of knowing that one must escape a certain situation, if one doesn’t at the same time know exactly how to escape it?

So we have to build up an arsenal of beliefs that describe the exact method we are going to use when we experience bad emotions. And we have to learn to apply these in different situations and circumstances.

The exact wording of such beliefs may vary widely. But one example could be: “If my negative emotions are about topic A, then I always use method X to escape”.

Another example might be the following: “If I’m at my local cafe, then I always use method Z to escape, regardless of which topic it is.”

Whatever the methods are, they may, of course, be subject to revision. For after a while, with enough practice, one might discover that some of them could be better.

So there is lots of room for modification and practical testing, and evaluation, and for a gradual refinement of one’s own methods, and, ultimately, of one’s own emotional state.

Emotions are King

In order to be really happy and successful in life, one must, according the law of attraction, firmly believe that “emotions are king” and that “emotions rule”.

In other words, one must accept that our emotions are the most important thing of all. If we do not feel good, that is not a small thing, but a very big thing. And this is why we must immediately, pronto, transport ourselves to positive territory.

So emotions matter. We want to experience things, and have things, for the purpose of feeling good. And whenever we wish for something (whether that is a new car, a new house, or a new relationship), we do that because we think it would make us happy.

In other words, we do not consciously invite new circumstances into our life because we want want to suffer. Rather, we do it because we think that those new circumstances will generate positive emotions within us, and make us feel very good.

Thus, our real goal is not the new car, or the new relationship, etc. Our real goal is the positive emotions that are generated as a result of experiencing these new manifestations.

Mind, Facts, and Emotions

One of the most important beliefs to have (for a law of attraction enthusiast) is a firm belief that “there are no good reasons to abandon the ’emotions are king’ belief”.

What I am trying to say here is that our mind very often wants to “rule”, and “run the show”. So it may try, in a thousand different ways, to convince you that emotions do not really rule, after all.

One of these “mind tricks” is to remind you of certain “facts” that may be hard to brush aside. In fact, it may be those certain “facts” that may trigger the bad emotions in the first place.

So we have to develop a firm belief in the idea that “if facts make me feel bad, I must think of something else that makes me feel better”.

There are naturally many ways of how to deal with this, but the general principle is that we must come to a point when we quickly “see” that the mind likes to continue thinking negative thoughts.

So at that point we have to interrupt ourselves with a “standardized” belief such as “No rationality, and no facts, trump my emotions. My emotions are still king, and I must leave this topic immediately.”

I am here using the word “standardized” to try to convey that it all boils down to preparation. We have to prepare ourselves in advance, to be able to resist the future “attack”, so to speak.

The idea then is that we use a “standardized” belief that we “hammer in” into our mind, so that we quickly can “mobilize it” when the situation calls for it. In other words, it’s about developing a habit of quickly being able to call up the belief, so that we swiftly can transport ourselves out of the negative emotional zone.


For most people, getting out of negative territory is not quick, or easy. But by consciously developing supporting beliefs, one can gradually improve in this area.

And by doing so, it is possible to do, or have, or be, anything you have ever wanted, according to the all-powerful law of attraction. So GO FOR IT!

Chris Bocay

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First published: Fri 14 Feb 2020
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