Upgrading Your Life: How To Let It All In

Titlepic: Upgrading Your Life: How To Let It All In

This article is about the idea that allowing new things into our life requires proper “management” of your mind, and especially the ability to selectively focus in on the right things.

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This blog post is about how to deal with an “upgrade” of your life. For example, what if you are living in a small apartment, and instead have the dream to live in a big house on the countryside?

When and how is that transition going to occur? And what if you also currently do not have any money to pay for the house? How will you ever get there?

It’s All About Allowing

The first thing we need to know is that when we talk about manifestation, it is all about “allowing”. So the most general rule, then, is that if your allowing is very transparent (i.e. you have no, or very little, resistance to the natural flow of well-being that is coming in from the universe), then you may realize your dream house in a very short amount of time.

However, most people do not have very transparent allowing; rather, they have lots of resistance in the way, which will hinder the flow of the universal energy, so that the manifestations will take longer time to be visible in their experience.

So the majority of “work” to be done (in terms of practicing the many principles of the Law of Attraction) will typically be about how to transform your inner thought-world and emotion-world so that you can start allowing in (i.e. manifesting) more and more of those things that you desire.

The Battery Analogy

One principle that we always want to have in the back of our head is the idea that every topic is like a battery: each topic has two “poles”: one “plus” pole and one “negative” pole.

The “plus” pole represents positive thoughts and feelings about the topic, while the “negative” pole represents negative thoughts and feeling about the topic.

A photograph of a battery, with its 'plus' pole and 'minus' pole.
Figure 1. Every topic that we think about (money, lover, fame, car, etc.) is somewhat like a battery. The plus pole represents positive thoughts and feeling about the topic, while the negative pole represents our negative thoughts and feelings about the topic.

In other words, the “plus” pole is the desired and wanted pole, while the “negative” pole is the undesired and not wanted pole.

So we can imagine that we can have a huge number of thoughts and ideas stacked inside the battery (in the form of small coins that are very thin). There could be hundreds or thousands of thoughts or ideas (i.e. thin coins), layered on top of each other, ranging from the most positive-sounding thoughts and ideas to the most negative-sounding thoughts and ideas:

A photo of a battery, with three positive sentences and three negative sentences. The closeness to one of the poles shows how positive or negative each sentence is.
Figure 2. The closer to the positive pole of the battery a thought or belief is, the more positive it is. The closer to the negative pole it is, the more negative it is.

Our job, then, as deliberate creators and manifesters, and followers of the Law of Attraction, is to zoom in on, as much as possible, and as often as possible, the thoughts and ideas above the black line, so that we are focusing in on the positive side of things only.

This is the principle to follow for all subjects or topics that we are encountering today, tomorrow, and all days thereafter.

A photograph of a battery, with the top half of it highlighted, to show the reader that we should always focus only on positive thoughts and beliefs.
Figure 3. For any topic we ever think about, we should only focus on the positive side of things, as much as possible. If we stumble across some negative thoughts along the way, it’s fine. But then we must immediately refocus and move upwards to the positive half of the battery.

Expressed in another way: Do you remember the old principle: “If you have nothing good to say about him or her, don’t say it”? Deliberate creators extend that principle to the following: “If you have nothing good to say about a certain topic, then don’t say it (and don’t think it, or write it, or otherwise touch upon it).

The Mental Transition

So now in our example with our apartment and a new dream house, we have a problem: how can we actually make the mental transition from an apartment we hate to a new dream house that we adore, so that the Law of Attraction will give us that new dream house?

The main problem in this situation is that we are focusing too much on the current situation. Focusing on the current situation is not necessarily bad in all situations: for if the current situation is very pleasing to you, then you reinforce it, and make it even better.

But in this case, since the current situation is that you hate your apartment, the more you think about its flaws and shortcomings, the more you cement yourself into a corner.

In other words, the situation will only get worse, instead of better, because you will find more and more faults, as the Law of Attraction bounces back your negative vibrations. So you will never actually come to your dream house.

The recipe for success is therefore to STOP thinking about what you do not want, and instead spending more time and attention on what you do desire.

Another way to say this is this: You need to become less interested in the current situation (i.e. the “real” world and the apartment that you hate), and much more interested in your dream house.


Our job is to focus in on ONLY the “plus” pole. We only want to think about, and appreciate, the positive aspects of any and all topics that we encounter.

We should NOT use our current situation as a reason, when we are thinking about what we want in the future. So DON’T think: “I want to live in that dream home, because I hate my flat!” Instead, DO think: “I want to live in that dream house!”

In other words, we must move our thoughts away from our current situation (when our current situation is not pleasing to us) and not talk about it, and not think about it, and instead, as much as possible, only contemplate what we desire in the future.

Good luck with your Law of Attraction practices!

Chris Bocay

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First published: Sun 30 Jan 2022
Last revised: Sun 3 Sep 2023

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