Let’s Feel Good, Right Now!

Titlepic: Let's Feel Good, Right Now!

This blog post is about the idea that we must always prioritize feeling good, right now, no matter what our current material condition happens to be.

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Many people who are not experts on the Law of Attraction feel that it is mostly about “manifestion”: they think that Law of Attraction is mainly, or mostly, about how attract more money or more real estate or a suitable husband or wife.

And they think that “their target” (the money, or the real estate, or the husband, etc.) is more or less the whole point. In other words, that the Law of Attraction is some sort of delivery service.

And even more important, they believe that, if they only can attract that wonderful thing, then, and only then, can they be really happy.

Law of Attraction As a ‘Delivery Service’

Now, in some sense such people are right. For the Law of Attraction really is some sort of universal delivery service. So they are not too far off on that point.

However, the real mistake has to do with the delivery part. Their idea typically is that “if I only can get that thing first, then I will be happy”.

But that is a non-starter, a no-go situation: we have to start with the happiness, in order to get it delivered; otherwise it won’t leave the warehouse (i.e. the “vortex” that Abraham-Hicks so often is describing).

Happiness Is the Start of Everything

In other words, it is the happiness that is the start of everything. We have to make ourselves happy, so that we are telling the universe that we are ready for delivery.

It is our happiness that is our payment method, when ordering the goods. If we have no happiness on our “happiness card”, then there will be no delivery.

Since every person is transmitting waves of energy (whether negativity-charged, or positivity-charged), the Law of Attraction is listening to that signal that we are transmitting. And it bounces back, after a few seconds, similar vibrations to us.

The law of the universe is then that the stronger signal we transmit (whether positive or negative), the quicker and easier the universe can “pinpoint” us and send out the delivery of manifestations.

These manifestations can be more subtle (emotions, thoughts, ideas), or more “substantial” (cars, condos, or a new job).

Decide to Be Happy, Right Now

So the overall idea is that we have to tend to our overall vibration as much as possible. We have to feel happy as often as we can. And we have “milk” every occasion when we have a little happiness, so that we can use the 17-second rule to gradually increase our happiness even more.

This means that it is important to identify happiness as a core factor. So one must avoid all negativity, and instead focus in on more and more happiness.

For all of this to work, we really need to make a conscious decision that it is happiness we want, primarily, and not a fancy car, or an expensive condominium. And we need to put that decision into practice.

Of course we might still want a fancy car or an expensive condominium, but we only want them because we think that we will be happy if we get them.

I mean, if we thought that we would become absolutely miserable by getting that fancy car or the expensive condominium, those things would presumably not be on our short-list.

Find Happiness Easily and Quickly

So “mastering” the Law of Attraction simply boils down to mastering happiness and joy. And unlike cars and condos, happiness can be achieved within seconds or minutes.

Therefore, the quickest way to “physical manifestations” is to get happy as much as possible, already before those physical manifestation are manifested.

This includes, for many, a radical change in the way they approach daily life. A good, general idea here is the standard of appreciation: to be able appreciate all the small things in life. We can, for instance, focus in on natural things:

“Isn’t it great that the sun comes up today, just as it always does? Aren’t the birds lovely when they go from branch to branch? Isn’t the blue color of the sky simply magnificent? And isn’t the fresh green grass such a perfect treat for grazing cows? Isn’t our world just a marvelous place?”

Or we can focus in on man-made things:

“Aren’t we living in exciting times? Aren’t our cars getting more and more energy-efficient and clean for every year? Don’t we have a fantastic network of electricity, so we can conveniently power-up our homes in such a wonderful way, using ovens, fridges, washing machines, and power tools, etc? And isn’t the internet such a marvelous invention?”


We have to remember that happiness is success. Success is happiness. That is all. In other words, if you are not happy, you are not really successful. And this is regardless of your material status, or societal status.

So instead of seeking happiness as a thing that comes after any physical manifestation, let us instead focus on creating happiness, right now, for its own sake, without requiring any physical manifestations to be feeling good.

By raising our vibration to more and more happiness, we can pave the way for a very wonderful personal future, where other manifestations surely will be abundant because of our higher vibrational state!

Chris Bocay

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First published: Tue 25 Jan 2022
Last revised: Sat 2 Sep 2023

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