I Will Only Meet Positive People Today

Titlepic: I Will Only Meet Positive People Today

This article is about the importance of expectation and belief: if I really believe that I will only meet positive people today, then I will only meet positive people today.

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Here in this blog post I will be talking about how to meet more positive people, and how to go about programming oneself to make that practically possible.

What ‘Facts’ May Lead Us to Believe

If we are not “pumped up” by a high enough positive energy, we may be very sensitive to what “objective observations” have to say about our world. These “facts”, sometimes labeled “scientific”, may then act as a “stopper” for us in terms of personal possibilities in our own life. And we certainly don’t want that.

Consider a situation like this. As I say in many places on this website, there are more negative people than positive ones in the world. I take that to be the “truth” or “fact”, which may be proven by objective scientific investigations that are very expertly designed and executed.

Some people, of course, may revolt against such a (on their view) “pessimistic” piece of “truth” or “fact”. And they may say something like “Most people are negative??!! You have to be more positive! Aren’t you the teacher of optimism?

My answer to such a reaction is always the same: we have to be both realistic and positive. So in this case, we cannot deny that most people are negative, in reality. That will not feel good inside, for those who really believe that that fact represents an accurate evaluation of the state of the world.

‘Facts’ and ‘Anti-Facts’

It’s of course another thing for those who truly don’t believe in the truth of that piece of “fact”. For they feel good about exactly the opposite.

So for those people who believe in the “anti-fact”, there is nothing to be done, in this particular case. They are already convinced that most people are positive. And so they mostly meet positive people, because that is their expectation.

It is interesting then to note that they believe something that isn’t factually true, and yet it works in their favor. So by believing something that is false, they actually enable their own (future) positive manifestations.

Here, though, it is important to remember what the false statement actually amounts to. The false statement, in this case, was that “most people are positive”. But that is a positive-sounding sentence.

So what I am saying here is that this “contrary-to-fact” method only works if the false statement is more positive than the corresponding true statement.

Therefore, if the “fact” statement is “most tennis players are positive”, then the “contrary-to-fact” method would yield worse results, because the false statement, in that case, would be “most tennis players are negative”.

Believers (1): The Problem

We have just seen that, in this case, being a non-believer in the piece of “fact” actually is a bonus, as seen from a law of attraction standpoint. But for a believer the situation is different.

A believer needs to have a strategy to cope with the “fact”, in order to become successful in the art of allowing, that is, in the art of letting positive things manifest into his or her world.

The problem for the believer in the case of the “most people are negative” statement is that he cannot at the same time also believe that most people are positive. So he cannot easily “enable” positive people to manifest around him.

This is commonly seen in persons who are not yet trained in the practical aspects of the law of attraction. For the temptation is to take scientific facts too seriously, and to directly apply them into their own life-world.

So in our current example with the “most people are negative” fact, a “medium negative” N2 person, or a “weakly negative” N1 person, may rationalize as follows: “Since most people are negative, it is very hard (for me) to meet positive persons, simply because they are so rare.”

And they may continue: “In fact, positive persons may be just as hard to find as soulmates. And we all know how hard that is! So what is the use of even looking for positive persons? Or expecting them to show up, somehow, out of thin air?”

So the problem here, then, is that the N2 or N1 person is not “thoroughly” or exhaustively contemplating the situation, and is doing some “sloppy thinking”, with some simple rationalizations.

Also, another problem is that these persons may not know the whole spectrum of Law of Attraction philosophy, including the idea that “like attracts like”, and that any complaining or lack mentality is counter-productive.

Believers (2): The Workaround

Now to the recommended “method” or “approach” for those persons who truly believe in the “fact” statement (i.e. “most people are negative”).

The main idea here is that the believer in that piece of “fact” must find other statements that do not contradict the “fact” itself. And it is those other statements that will be the statements that will trigger the positive manifestations.

So in order to trigger the positive manifestations, for a believer, he or she must invoke additional sentences or statements that serve his purposes. And these additional sentences or statements must completely dominate, in terms of their “impact” or “importance”.

The additional sentences must, together, amplify the positivity, so that they can dominate the lower-level “fact”. So it is very important here to really make sure that both these parts co-operate.

By this I mean that we must not only downplay the importance of the “fact”, in order for us to get our positive manifestations. We must also upplay the importance of the new additional sentences and statements.

Down-Playing and Up-Playing

So now let’s see how we could do this in real life. Our goal is here to generate a good “story” around the “fact” statement, and a good “story” around our new sentence, or sentences.

So first let’s look at the “fact” statement and make it less “dominating” by minimizing it, or “down-playing” it.

“All right, sure, the “fact” statement is true, according to science. So I do believe in that, as an objective observation done by some scientists.”

“But that is more or less irrelevant to me, in my world. I don’t care about so-called objective observations in terms of my own life; I only care about my own subjective observations and my internal positivity.”

“So even though I accept the “fact” statement as true, I don’t FOCUS on it. For I have no interest attracting “most people”, since they are negative.”

“Therefore, I don’t think about it, I don’t speak about it, and I don’t blog about it. So that “fact” has no real bearing on anything in my life, if I just leave it alone.”

And now it’s time for the new, additional statements, where we will do some up-playing:

“All right, I want to attract more positive people. But since I already know the ‘fact’ that ‘most people are negative’, I cannot just believe that ‘most people are positive’.”

“But I CAN believe something similar, that is not as general as that ‘fact’ statement. I can believe, for example, that ‘I will only meet positive people today’. For if I am very positive myself, that is certainly not impossible.”

“However, the statement ‘I will only meet positive people today’ may be a little too optimistic for my own emotional state. Since I’m only a ‘weak positive’ right now, I may not exclusively attract positive people.”

“Therefore, a better statement to start ‘hammering in’ into my being is ‘I will MOSTLY meet positive people today’, or, perhaps even, ‘I will meet SOME positive people today’.”

“So by not overdoing it the first time(s), I can gradually find evidence, day after day, that new positive people are approaching me.”

“And I can then ‘upgrade’ my belief gradually, after the evidence manifests, so that I after a while can start believing the more ambitious statement that ‘I will only meet positive people today’.”

“So now it’s going to be very exciting to watch what’s going to unfold the next couple of days. I can’t WAIT to see what’s in store for me!”


For a follower of the law of attraction, it is important to be able to believe in positive statements. But in a world of “scientific facts”, the facts must be downplayed, if they are not conducive to positive manifestations.

So the challenge is to “balance out” negative facts in favor of our custom-made positive affirmations, so that we “selfishly” can generate our own harmony, clarity, happiness and success.

Chris Bocay

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First published: Mon 10 Feb 2020
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