Revised: Abraham-Hicks’ 17-Second Rule Doesn’t Work for Me!

This is a new revision (Thu 24 Feb 2022) of a Dear Chris column, where the question is asked: Why does the 17-second rule that Abraham-Hicks has presented not work? What am I missing?

KEYWORDS: 17-second rule, 68-second rule, Abraham-Hicks, allowing, appreciation, appreciation rounds, Law of Attraction, LOA, manifestations, rampage.

How do you become an expert at using the Law of Attraction effectively? Well, one piece of the puzzle is to really understand how the 17-second rule should be used in “real life”.

The revised Dear Chris post is available here: Dear Chris: Abraham-Hicks’ 17-Second Rule Doesn’t Work for Me!

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First published: Thu 24 Feb 2022
Last revised: Sun 7 Aug 2022

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